As you read my words, I lift my hands in Blessing, enfolding you within the Light of God's Peace and Love of Service. I AM happy to write to you, sharing whatever I can that will help you in enlightening your personal and collective worlds. I especially desire to fan the Flame of the Joy of Service within each of your hearts. It is there, waiting for the fuller understanding which will help it to expand and grow into a consuming Flame which will both create the time, and supply the energy to fulfill itself through you.

Often, it seems that time is a problem which faces you in your desire to serve. Though time is said to be an illusion, you experience it as a reality in your daily world. It is a part of your path upon the Earth to do so. If we consider the entire span of one Earth life of average length - you know that to a child, it seems that it will be "forever" until he reaches the age of adulthood. To the young adult, his whole life still lies "ahead", but to one who is in the middle span of that life experience, time seems to have suddenly "hurried up"!

The average person may often feel a sense of time pressure, and harbor some fear regarding his ability to get his jobs completed and his dreams accomplished before he must face his years of retirement from active physical work. Yet - each phase of a life experience brings its lessons, and the latter stage is of no less importance than the earlier stages, nor are they less productive! In fact, it is during this time that the entire life experience may be clarified and understood, refined and accelerated, even into the holy and sacred experience of the ascension, itself!

At each stage of life, memories are built into the etheric body, to be referred to again and again until the understanding comes that life is eternal, and that one is not truly dependent upon any person or circumstance outside of himself, but only upon the Divine and Eternal Intelligence from which he emerged.

This Eternal Life is expressed through all people, and resides within the Heart Flame of each individual.
When the attention is placed upon that Flame, the time will more quickly come when you are truly "IN-DEPENDENT" - dependent ONLY upon that Flame!

To be completely IN-dependent is to release all concerns to the Flame of God within your hearts for the perfect resolution to your every need. Take some time every day to picture the Flame within your heart center, and give it your recognition. It is your love poured upon it that brings it to full expression while you yet walk the Earth!

First relax your physical body by breathing deeply and gently, realizing your Beloved "I AM" Presence as the Source of the Flame, as well as the Holy Breath, which sustains your Life force. Feel Its anchorage within your heart, and with every heartbeat, feel the Flame expand within your physical body. As it does, it projects Its Light to every part of your body. Every cell and organ becomes a radiating center of Light, until your entire body is Light, with the Flame at its center. Let the Light now flow outward to fill your etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, and your entire aura. Thank your Presence for these Gifts, and affirm that you give it total dominion over your entire life expression in the world of form. This, dear Children, is your Mantle of Light, your Protection, your Power, Wisdom, and Love, and It brings the Healing of anything that is less than perfection in your lives at this - or any other - moment!

Concentrate on the FLAME OF ETERNAL LIFE! 'I AM' always with you!

Your Friend,
John, the Beloved

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom