The Gathering Place - Gilbert Williams




Every lifestream is constantly radiating or sending out endless and uninterrupted streams of energy which is a part of the Divine Presence, for this sets into motion the electrons which make up the sacred Body of God. These electrons are very beautiful; they are intelligent; they are loving and there is not a nook, cranny or corner of the universe where they are not actively working to complete their sacred service. Additionally, all life lives, moves and has its being within this magnificent sea of Universal Light!


These electrons, several million of which can easily be poised on the top of a pin, are charged to obey the self-conscious life focused through every man, woman and child belonging to this system of worlds. When people are unawakened through thought, feeling and action they often create illusions forcing these electrons into imperfect forms, and the electrons must obey, so that even the shadows of limitation, disease and distress are actually beautiful electrons conforming to the various processes of humanity trying to outpicture accurately that which humankind consciously, or unconsciously, has held before them as the pattern to follow.



The time will come in your spiritual evolution when you know that all shadows, or danger, or pain are nothing more than suppressed Light that is no more eager to remain in such distorted forms than you are to experience their distortion. You can then choose to raise your consciousness and become free from all fear and dis-ease, because within any lesser condition resides truly intelligent life that will work with you, for it is as eager as you are to be free from any imperfect form. This is why you have often been told to bless your enemies, bless your problems, bless all appearances, because in so doing you are blessing the Light and life within them and that blessing frees the Light and life from the imposition of shadow and allows it to assume its natural and perfect form.


Any real blessing is a tremendous rushing forward of the pure life energy of God that envelops the object sanctifying and freeing it from discord... Practice the art of blessing inanimate objects beloved ones. Bless and bless all conditions, particularly those that seem to distress you and in so doing you will find that your blessings going forth will bring on their return currents wave upon wave of blessings to you.


There is a spiritual law that no lifestream asking for a blessing can be denied. A blessing is a tangible force. They are the Divine power amplified by the good-will of the lifestream who offers him or herself as the medium through which that blessing may flow. Additionally, a constant attitude of 'God Bless all here' is truly an open door to peace, unity and harmony!


Whenever you give your attention to negativity in any form you give tremendous power to a lower state of consciousness and thus its manifestations in the physical world of form. Instead, you must direct your attention upon peace rather than against war; upon healing rather than against disease; upon spiritual strength rather than human weaknesses.


Constantly invoke and allow the spiritual essence that flows from the Heart of the Ascended Host of Light to bath your inner being and soul in the Light of their celestial presence. Thus this outpouring of Light from the Universal Presence of God will bring you more peace, serenity and harmony further allowing the sacred flames to sweep through you and all life continuing to build the New Age of Spiritual Freedom here on Earth.


Grateful for your every effort to increase and amplify the Light,


I AM that I AM!


Gift of Light 2007

Use the violet fire to transmute all negativity into perfection. And here some violet fire decrees you can use on daily base.