Living with Joy

Every morning, as you first awaken and open your eyes, what is your first thought? What is your first feeling, flowing through your emotional world? Is it Joy at the opportunity of a new day of Divine existence stretching out before you?

You are so deeply loved and the Universe’s Heart is filled with Happiness at the opportunity to be able to communicate its Thoughts and Feelings with you.

I AM always aware of the Path that is taken to come to the Light of God that shines forth through any darkness of misunderstanding, or miscreation in any way. You too, as you come, each one, to the Full Light of your "I AM" Presence, will truly know you are the path upon which you have come! It will forever be a part of you, once walked upon in the fuller consciousness that you are now experiencing.

You are, right now, in a world of physical manifestation. There, even as the bands of forgetfulness are loosened a bit, it is very necessary for you to reach up to the divinity - who has come this way before you. Remember always that you are loved and understood.

Just as you love your children and give your all to them, and then react with joy as the children grow into the fullness of understanding and expression, so the Universe is filled with joy at your every success along this path.

As you keep on, you must insist upon Joy! You must call for it constantly! It is the Elixir of Life. To be joyous in your spiritual work is in large part, a learned experience. The tendency is to be too critical, both of yourself and of others, putting all emphasis on outer expression, and not enough on the growing Christus within. The inner development is very delicate and sensitive, and needs much nourishment and faith to help it grow into the full expression of The Christ.

Happiness and Joy are the food you must offer to this growing Christ-Flame! The Christ within is an already Perfected expression, remember. It is the environment around It that is in need of Purification!

As your outer consciousness begins to awaken to this Truth, you must ask the Christ within to blaze its Light through your mind, your feeling world, your physical body, and your etheric garment. Your outer human will must be used to draw this Light through all your lower vehicles. Your outer human will must convince your mind, your emotional, physical and etheric bodies of its absolute intent upon the full expression of the Christ being permitted to take place! 

All lack of joy is a miscreation, and although it takes some practice to overcome, you must insist upon it whenever you find yourself lacking joy in your work or in any aspect of your life! Praise every feeling of Joy, and transmute all else that would stand in its path, until a momentum is gained. Once that momentum is begun, it will grow by leaps and bounds, and there will be none to stop its progress through all creation!

Your work is but to reach that which already exists! That is the Joy of One Universal Consciousness in you, and in all creation that has come forth from the Perfect Heart of the cosmos!

Insist, my Beloved Ones! Insist upon Joy and Happiness, and make it an integral part of your work every day. Go forth with blessings and with a fully developed momentum of Joy and Happiness in Life!

©The Gift of Light June 2008