The Heart of God


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You are heading home to the "Heart of God". The first shift you have to make regarding "home" is from the outer environment to the threefold flame in your heart. There is no outer "home" in any country, town or place. Your home now is the center of love, wisdom and power, regardless to which place karma puts your outer vehicle. Your outer "home" is your place of service, your field of endeavor. Remember, you HAVE nothing, but you ARE everything.

The struggle you have to perform to become one with your Presence takes so long and is so arduous, because you have allowed your human self so much power to direct your life energy in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. It is the total transformation of this outer self that needs your attention the full 24 hours period. Remember: I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed! Your home is Infinity, your Path is the Path of Love and your forward movement is: Creative Service.

The core of all qualities is as always consciousness. The attention of the consciousness is a beam of pure white light, which sends energy to the focus the attention is directed to, as you know. What will happen when you direct the Beam of your attention toward plain consciousness?  It brings you immediately to the Great Silence, the Home of Pure Consciousness.