Everything in the Universe comes from within out -- from the bubbling spring that feeds the great river to the small bulb or seed that sends forth the roots of stem and flower.

Humanity is no exception to this rule that governs the natural kingdom. For this reason the external sight and the other faculties of the outer self cannot judge wisely or accurately the progress or unfoldment of the spiritual nature, any more than the untrained individual could tell you by looking at an assortment of brown, dried bulbs or seeds what wealth of Beauty and Perfection would proceed from those external husks.

The scientific farmer or gardener, however, would take no notice of the external appearance but would proceed with the true knowledge of what was contained within, and which would externalize in the way of Beauty, Perfection and Supply in the natural course of unfoldment from seed or flower or grain or tree.

It is in this manner that the Ascended Masters look upon the humankind of the Planet -- with the expert eye of the fore-knowledge as to what fruit and flower will proceed from the present husks that seem so unpromising to the human consciousness of the unskilled lifestream who has not yet developed the perception required to become a harvester of souls.

We should realize, therefore, like the expert gardener, that every bulb and seed contains a potential future of Beauty and Perfection because God, the Creator of All Life, could not create otherwise, and by this process of reasoning the outer mind will learn that the men and womankind of the Earth, in like manner, have a potential God Destiny which is as inevitable as the destiny and produce from Nature's Kingdom.

Therefore, in all your dealings with humanity remember that they, too, although presenting an outer appearance that seems to lack promise, shall one day burst thru the husks of that outer self to manifest Perfection and Beauty that cannot yet be seen by the mind of humanity.


Now when the flower grows thru the earth and unfolds its perfume and color and beauty and design into the Third Dimensional Plane, the entire Universe is richer for its presence . . . serene in its own unmoving orbit, the essence of that flower draws from the Universal Light the sustenance by which it sustains its presence as a manifest expression of God Life to enrich the consciousness of all who choose to look upon it and share its Beauty.

The flower in itself, unfolding from the Divine Idea cares not who may choose to benefit by its presence, but lives only to fulfill to the utmost its destiny as a manifestation that enriches the consciousness by its perfume, its beauty and symmetry.

So humanity must in his unfoldment come to the point where his full destiny is outpictured just for the joy of expressing God's Will and in the present pouring forth of the qualities and fragrance of his natural Divine and Perfect Expression such a man enriches the Universe impersonally by adding to the sum total of Beauty, Happiness, Purity, Harmony and Peace.

When a man lives only to serve a chosen objective he warps the fullness of his expression even as a flower would which attempted to grow all of its petals on one side or the other.

The Universe in its great Cosmic wholly undivided mind benefits by the spiritual unfoldment of the Divine Nature of whatever lifestream chooses to the best of its ability to tune into its Divine Plan and to send forth the Rays of its being as an enriching and uplifting presence to all life.

In such a manner served Lord Gautama, the Buddha, whose enriching perfume has never been equaled by any Ascended Being, and so, too, may the chelas in their Cosmic Service with the Spiritual Hierarchy engender wherever you move seeds of some Divine Quality, as the parent flower sends forth seeds of its own nature to bear like manifestation in future Springs.

 From The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom - Journals May 1977