Dear ones of the One Compassionate Divine Heart, I greet you in the Light of a thousand, thousand Lotuses that have blossomed to full opening, full fragrance, full color and full Radiant Light this day.

Compassionate Love has been drawn forth from your hearts and in the flood gates of that Compassion, together we have sealed this planet in a tremendous beating Heart of Love. When I speak these words you may not understand in your outer mind the mystery of how this can be, but it is! ...a beating Heart of Compassionate Love sealing this entire planet. Many manifestations of Grace have been known since the One Universal Consciousness first breathed upon the Earth. Through the Power of Grace, humankind is protected because the Divine Loves! And because the Divine Loves, I AM.


There is a constancy of energies through a perfect balance of male and female, yin and yang, inbreath and outbreath, expansion and cohesion. It is auspicious that you have intoned into the very body of the Group Avatar the Twelve tones of the Twelve-fold Aspect of Deity. It is imperative you understand that through the growing Group Avatar there shall be expressed to humanity the mysteries of Love upon the Buddhic path and upon the Christ path, until the two blend as one unified way of forwarding life on this planet... balancing east and west, contemplation and action, cohesion and expansion, yin and yang.

The gifts of Grace are many and I can tell you that your gentle Buddhic Selves stand at the door where the rock (of humanness) has been rolled away by Grace, You may now claim this moment for all eternity, or slip back into the cave. Feel this freedom. I AM here to assist you to understand the Power of Love, to understand the Grace that is within Compassion. Life will bring to you the cries for assistance, the cries for surcease of pain, the cries for comfort and through you, the cells in the Heart of Compassionate Love that seals this planet shall be allowed to do Cosmic Service of freeing this planet through Mercy. Become yourself a heart of Compassion to life around you and remain free.

Float like a Lotus upon the waters of life. A Lotus is rooted within the water but floats on top of it, opening to the Light of the Sun. Float on a vibration of Compassionate Love while yet rooted in embodiment and open your spiritual Consciousness to Light.

Prepare for every experience through thinking and feeling only Compassionate Love for all life. For the faculties must be trained to remain as a cell in the beating Heart of Compassionate Love that seals this planet. It is in this Love that the Cosmic Christ will call forth the Holy Christ Selves within all humanity and into this Love the Buddha of Freedom will come forth within each of humankind.

Through each, may the Twelve-fold Aspect of Deity find root in the world of humanity. Love is the open door and that door is wide open this day. Through your Compassion and your unfoldment along the path of Love, this door shall remain open for all time on this planet.

From: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom