When you are in harmony all the energies in your aura are in balance and you are the master presence in control of all the incoming and outgoing energies - thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions.

This can only be accomplished by a consciousness that is always alert and vigilant, ready to immediately stop and adjust the energy when the vibration is not in accordance with the divine plan of perfection.

Consciousness is the pivotal agent. You are consciousness and use the attention to activate your creative centers of thinking, feeling, speaking and action. The goal is to direct your consciousness as high as possible, so you may receive inspiration from your  I AM Presence. From the Presence countless tons of electrons descend to manifest your ideas and visualizations.


Thoughts, feelings, words and actions are energies. When they are positive they are in accordance with the Will of God and the result are beneficent. When they are negative, they're not in accordance with the Will of God en the results are suffering in some form.

The energy is always coming back to their source (you) when they have completed the circle round the Earth and return with a full harvest, positive or negative according to the initial impulse. You are ONLY responsible for your own energy, for which you have to justify yourself before the Karmic Board at the end of this embodiment.