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Concentration, endurance and creativity.

When the Will, Love and Illumination from the  I AM Presence is freely allowed to enter your world by the directives of the Holy Christ Self and no longer blocked or interfered by human consciousness much can be accomplished. The Ascended Beings have free access to enter the world and transmute and change many things for the overall good. Your task is to enhance and expand your qualities to prepare an even stronger and powerful forcefield of Sacred Fire.

Concentration is often stated as a quality of the Fifth Ray, the Green Ray. But you know green is a combination of blue and yellow and concentration is definite an aspect of the Blue Ray, the First Ray, the Will and Power of God. It is a quality that can contain in its focus an atom, a cell, a being, a planet, a Universe or a Galaxy for as long as is necessary to hold  the divine pattern or plan for that specific purpose. Nothing can ever manifest in the formworlds without concentration; and you see there is no limitation to its growth. And this is true for any God Quality.

What about endurance? Is that also a divine quality? It is a quality of the First Ray. A combination of faith, stamina and courage. To endure a certain state of being in your mental, emotional or physical body. The spiritual awakened one knows that he/she put him/herself in this temporary limitation and has to stay there till the effect [karma] is worn out. He/she does not rebel against the Cosmic Law and knows that all is in divine order. Whatever limitation you have to endure presently, know you can build any perfect quality in your Causal Body right now by applying the necessary steps as explained before.


Creativity is a quality everybody uses, also those who claim they are not creative. Creativity manifests as you already know, by the Seven Steps of Precipitation. All the ideas in the educational, artistic, musical or organizational areas are already present in the inner levels. Creativity is a combined quality. It harbors: concentration, purification, endurance, love, courage to mention a few. Depending on the scope of the manifestation, which has to take place, the more qualities and beings are involved. This is the meaning and importance of group consciousness and group efforts.

ŠJosephine Wall, Artist