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 Love, the Master Teacher

The quality to perceive things how they are and not how they seem is: ”Illumination”. In its outer significance it means the enlightenment from the outside. To know everything ABOUT something. The light falls upon an object and is made visible in the outside world. The inner meaning of illumination is much more beautiful. It is to become that, to which your attention has directed you. The Light shines now in, through  and around the object, circumstance, human being or creature. You become aware of the divine plan of that object; the distance the indwelling life still has to go and already has done, how it fits in the overall plan and…maybe…which part you can play to hasten the process. Understanding comes to the individual who tries to see through the object, circumstance or person. To perceive from inside out and discover the law that rules the object. Sometimes the same law can be applied to total different objects. As for instance the same electricity turns on an electrical heater and a refrigerator. Knowledge comes from outside in. Understanding comes from inside out. Illumination comes from inside out. Love and patience grow from inside out. Everything comes from inside out, to manifest in the world of form. When the outer mind looks at a subject, it only perceives a part of the outer appearance. When (s)he looks at the subject  from another angle or view, (s)he has to alter his/her opinion in a wider sense and when (s)he looks at the subject again from another perspective, (s)he has to change and broaden his/her  knowledge again.

Illumination however shows the entire subject from inside out and from outside in. By becoming one with the subject, your understanding about its function in the universe becomes crystal clear. It is the view of the Holy Christ Self. In the Octaves of Light  (The higher levels of consciousness) we never see only one side of the ‘story’, but the totality. When you direct the Ray of Illumination on any ‘problem’ or outer challenge, they disappear. You don’t receive an answer on the problem or challenge, but they no longer affect your inner peace. Just like shadows cannot exist in the rays of the sun, so negativity cannot exist in the Ray of Illumination. “Darkness always has to flee for the Light.” When you remove your attention from ‘The Light of God’, negativity takes its shadow forms again and tries to keep you of track. So Be the Light of God at all times to flood your being and accelerate your momentum in the Light till you BECOME that Light. Then darkness and negativity cannot ever touch you again.   When the rays of the sun illumine the objects of the Earth, the shadows hide behind the object. When the rays of illumination from your Holy Christ Self (The spark of Divinity in your heart. It grows to be the Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power) pass through your lifestream do not “hide” anything from that light. Do not hold something back for your personal self. Give your ALL to the light, so that it can enlighten your entire being. The power of Illumination is so magnificent. It shows you the development of the Divine Plan for a Solar System as well as what is going on in the “mind” of an ant. If you direct it on your own divine plan you will see where you stand now and how far you still have to go. Also the expansion after your ascension in the light and what beautiful ‘Highways to Heaven’ are opening for you. You will understand and be the Illumined One. When you direct the ray of illumination on somebody, who challenges you, you look through the eyes of that one to your self and experience the cause of disharmony of the other towards you. Then love him or her free with the Violet Fire and you will see that any relationship you both may share will improve. The enlightenment of your mind is not the only blessing of the Ray of Illumination. When it pours through you and the Body of Light a tremendous Light appears, easy to perceive to all who are searching and asking for more light. When the multitudes approach your etheric environment, they are welcomed  and received  by attending angels of the Second Ray and the brothers and sisters of the ‘golden robe’, who lead them on, to the etheric Temples of Light, where they are taught all they need to know in order to take ‘their next step’. Remember: YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!