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Permanent Bliss-Consciousness

And what is happiness? This is a quality, that emerges from a being, who is doing God's Will and is conscious of his/her cooperation  with the Will of God. In the beginning it is a temporary acceleration of the vibratory activity of one or more vehicles, but later it becomes a permanent "bliss-consciousness". Totally free from the emanations of the mass-consciousness radiating the necessary qualities during a certain period of time for the greater good brings happiness.

Divine qualities are such a joy to experience and to develop. Take for instance harmony. "The harmony of your true being is your ultimate protection". Why? Because harmony is an aura, an ever expanding aura, that does not tolerate anything what is not of God. If your consciousness is strong enough to concentrate on positive powers and qualities, harmony can expand forever and invite all the divine blessings and gifts of the Cosmic and Ascended beings to descend in your world.


As every other living being in the universe qualities also need nourishment. You give them nourishment by applying them, concentrating upon them, tending them and loving them. Your personal qualities will become universal when you apply them in anonymity for the highest good of all.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is watching over those among humankind, who are trying to use their energies for the highest good of all. Some Members more than Others. It has to do with the Ray-structure of the individual and his/her accustomed way of serving. Some Ascended Beings with the same Ray-structure can help that individual better with the minimum of energy, then Others, Who came from a different Ray. In the Higher Octaves We try to preserve energy and not waste it, as so many human beings do. Use energy wisely and constructive for the greater good.