An aspect of love is: Tolerance.

This quality neutralizes negative energy  and makes it harmless. The individual, who radiates tolerance cannot be infected by human consciousness, because the energy temporary raises the vibratory activity of the lower vehicles above the mass-consciousness. This quality makes an individual utter the words: “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they do.”


A very important quality for unascended beings is: Gratitude.

As you know gratitude is the only flame that is able to receive the flame of the Master or your own Master Presence. It opens your vehicles for the Ascended Energies which are speeding up their vibratory activity and the vibratory activity of those in your sphere of influence. Gratitude for the gift of life and all the opportunities, which are dispensed so abundantly every day of your life. When you walk the Buddhic Path, (The Path of Service and has nothing to do with Buddhism.) in gratitude you’re smoothing your way. What is the energy of gratitude doing? It accelerates the vibratory activity of your four lower vehicles with the “Joy of Acceptance”.  It controls the lower energies of rebellion against the returning currents of your karma. And that is the perfect state to invite the higher vibration of the Masters and other Cosmic Beings.

The Importance of Gratitude



Compassion is often acknowledged as a gentle and soothing quality, which brings relief of pressure and pain. It might be, but don’t forget it is an aspect of the Seventh Ray, which is often referred too as the most powerful aspect of love. Compassion is also a combination of power and love. A compassionate being can also be a powerful disciplinarian, who tries to acquire a major change in the consciousness of the one, who needs compassion. The more love, the more gentle the treatment; the more power, the more strict the treatment. The goal is always the same: to follow the divine Will to set the lifestream free. The power of compassion is the giving of healing, without being involved in the distress. Only when you stand on rock, you can pull the unhappy one out of the mud. Only when you are in peace and harmony you can dispense this quality to the one in sorrow. By giving compassion to individuals in your sphere of influence you are showing, that you accept their place in development and are not trying to convince them to attain your place. You love them free by Violet Fire and let them follow their own choices and decisions, keeping the Immaculate Concept at all times and accepting them how they are at this moment in time and space!

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