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 Love, the Master Teacher

The love you feel for the divine plan and all life forms, will carry you safely along the Buddhic Path, the Path of sacred service.

When you love life more than yourself, your personal energies will be transmuted easily into the universal. Love is still the way. Realize how smoothly love makes your Path, and as has been told so many times: “Love turns infinity into a day and a day into infinity”. Embrace life; expand love and experience the Universal I AM as Yourself in Action at all times. When the Maha Chohan says: “The Love you feel for another that is Me”, He speaks a Mighty Truth.  When you realize in the Silence your oneness with all life, the next step of your awareness is to confirm the statement of Beloved Paul and say with Him: “I AM the Love you feel for each other”.

Divine Qualities cannot be claimed by individuals, but belong to all life. “God” will become more and more included and immanent to your consciousness. Love contains, as every other quality, all the attributes of the Godhead. God is Love. Every experience you encounter in your life, or ever had, is rooted in love. If the experience is harsh and painful, love teaches you to free yourself from misused energy. If you show or receive compassion, love teaches you the many faces of God. Through Love you can reach everybody and everything. All life responds to love. When you become the embodiment of love, you will easily find the ways and means to serve and help to the fullest degree. Human consciousness will try to block this flow of love with its shadows of misunderstanding. Recognize it for what it is, transmute it and love it free.  When you go through any difficult experience and conquer your limitations love is showing you, that you were separated from it, and then you and love become one. The spark becomes the Flame radiating its specific uniqueness through the Universe.