Spiritual Training

By the Maha Chohan

 To treat a lifestream with a view to a permanent unfoldment of his spiritual nature, we must change the consciousness of that individual.

Every thought and feeling the student entertains, even for a fraction of a second, becomes part of his/her consciousness and will form the environment in which (s)he must dwell. Therefore the student must start to cleanse the consciousness of impurity and imperfection.

Human's pure consciousness is polluted constantly by every appearance that (s)he accepts and allows to enter his world consciously or unconsciously.

These appearances dwelling within him form the cause that reflects on the screen of his/her Life, and will continue to remain there until such individual chooses to cleanse his/her inner world by use of the Sacred Fire, and replace these tramp thoughts and feelings by consciously generated and carefully chosen constructive thought and feeling images, which will, by the very Law of Life, manifest on the screen of maya in the appearance world as Perfection.

Whatever is most frightening to your inner nature attracts a host of malefic forms which present themselves to your inner vision with the firm conviction that your energy being thrown at them will give them almost immortal life. To root out fear and doubt is to render these creatures harmless and thus stripped of the sustaining power of energy which keeps them alive, they will disintegrate into their native nothingness.

On the other hand, the best idea in the universe never became a manifestation until some unascended being took the energy of his/her own lifestream and voluntarily clothed that idea with the substance of the physical world, and thus gave it form and outline.

One of the Rules of the Great White Brotherhood is never to picturize an individual imperfectly. Every lifestream is endowed with the birthright of Perfection. When any individual recognizes imperfection in any other lifestream in the universe, he is dishonoring the Will of the Father who created man in his image and likeness.

Remember that when you recognize imperfection in any individual, you are disobeying the Father, Himself, Who created man in His Image and likeness and who sees him always as that Perfection.

For any student to energize thoughtforms of imperfection is a SIN, and for any student to give these thoughtforms the substance of their own lifestream whereby they might take physical incarnation is a responsibility which such an one must face before the Cosmic Law. The only activity that any conscious student of Light should be engaged in is to create forms for expressions of beauty and perfection.


Every physical object in the universe was preceded by an idea in the mind of humanity or in the Mind of God. These ideas are the Cause that lies behind every manifestation from a stone to a star.

Every manifestation in your own life was first presented to you, or some one in your environment, as a mental concept or thoughtform. This proves the power of thought in molding the very environment in which a human lives.

As there are many more Divine Ideas than there are receptive spirits to receive them we are always eagerly looking for lifestreams to whom we may give the inventions which they can translate into practical physical objects which will interpret the Will of the Divine Mind for the blessings of this universe.

The student should constantly strive for the unfoldment of his intuitional faculties. When we can achieve the unfoldment of the intuitional faculties of the student to a point where he or she does cooperate with the Divine Plan we have a more pliable vessel that can be used on a moment's notice when it is not always possible to contact the soul through the medium of the intellect.

The mental and feeling worlds of humankind are one. An individual who aspires toward spiritual illumination and freedom must detach himself from the mass thoughts and emotions of the people by withdrawing the magnetic pull of the essence from the appearance world, and as those senses are focused on the quality of the spirit, the Spirit responds in drawing such a lifestream into an oneness with the Ascended Masters Kingdom rather than the pull of the world without.

Ask to be constantly enfolded in Our Luminous Presence, ask that the Flame of the Masters be placed upon your forehead, ask to be sealed against the intrusion of those externals which you shall by necessity pass through.

It is not so much effort of the outer man to leap the chasm as it is for the outer man to let go the authority which he has claimed. Invoke the God-Power to do that which seems impossible of accomplishment, and if you can let go enough, the God Power will do for you what you can never accomplish of yourself.

God can be addressed in simple terms and God will never fail to respond when given the opportunity to act.

This opportunity comes when the personal self acknowledges that without the power of the God-self nothing can be done, and then if he addresses God as one would a good friend or Father and CALL this God Power into action he will prove that God is an ever present help at all times.

Saint Germain says. "Put God to work". Every time your attention returns to a condition or the problem in question - INVITE God again and again to act.

I would like you to get used to this activity in a small way. In raising a window or in closing a door put God to work. Your momentum gained by such daily practice will manifest for you what would seem to be miracles to those who have not built up that momentum.

Practice the Presence! Saint Germain has said "Practice the Presence"! Practice the Presence in living. Practice the Presence in talking. And then when you require the FULLNESS OF THE PRESENCE you will find that "Practice has made perfect" and the Presence will answer your call in all its fullness.

From: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom