Compassion is also an aspect of the Seventh Ray. It is the ability to experience life as a part of yourself. Seeing life through the 'eyes of God'. Experiencing the unity of all life. How is it possible to experience life as one? Compare it with the way electricity 'acts' in electric appliances. Suppose that every appliance has an individual life. Now the lamp in your room wonders, why he always has to light that specific spot in the room. He is starting to  'meditate'. [looking inside] Now he discovers two things: Firstly his 'consciousness': the electricity is expanding enormously, because the electricity is infinite. And secondly he finds out, that his very life (the electricity) is also in the computer, the washing machine, and even in seemingly opposite appliances, like a refrigerator and a heater. It is all the same "life".

Well, the same with our life and consciousness. Our consciousness, self-consciousness is the faculty to experience life as a part of ourselves. And experience ourselves in all different aspects of life: minerals, plants, animals and humans. All with a different divine plan, all on different levels of consciousness, but nevertheless part of that vast ocean of life, that some people call GOD!


The result of this experience is a tremendous Reverence for all life and Gratitude to be a part of it. Compassion is the natural result of observing the ignorance of all the developing lifestreams, who don't know what they do and wasting by their own free will choice so much of "God's" energy. Love them free. Give life the greatest blessings of your lifestream. No matter what. You are only responsible for your own Energy:(thoughts, feelings, words and actions.) Remember that for always.