The ability to put more “Joy” in your service enhances its influence in the world of form and makes your work lighter. Enthusiasm and joy carry your work on wings of light into the world of man, encouraging them to follow your example in love and gratitude. Joy is a very scintillating energy. It removes slow vibrating atoms and electrons and replaces them by perfect ones. That’s the reason, that you always feel so recharged after a happy and joyful experience.


And then there is “Faith”. Faith is an energy like lightning. It penetrates through all misqualified energy as a sword through gossamer. Nothing can resist sustained faith. Therefore Archangel Michael is often pictured with a sword of white-blue lightning. The energy doesn’t accept imperfection. It goes through the negative coat to find the hidden perfection behind. The cause and core of all creation is good, or else it should not exist. It is the miscreation around it, which hides the beauty, which has to be removed. It is often a painful process. The path of faith is not an easy one, but sustained, always rewarding. The flame of faith also rekindles hope. How difficult your life circumstances may look, it is only the illusion of human consciousness, and you know without a doubt, that it will pass. Faith also embraces patience and endurance. Endurance is a part of patience. It is the strength to hold the immaculate concept of the goal you cannot yet perceive, but are convinced to reach eventually.


May the peace that does surpass the understanding of the human mind be with you. The energy of peace holds every other energy at bay. It enfolds every perfect creation in a “ring pass not”. Only harmony is allowed  to enter. Harmony is very close connected to peace. It is also a quality of the Ruby-Gold Sixth Ray. When you’re enfolded by peace, you are in a state of perfection. No disharmony or negativity can touch you. The first stage of peace is harmony. And remember: “The harmony of your true being is your ultimate protection.” Harmony is the quality that balances your perfected energies. It can only be present when the attention is focused on the I AM Presence, consciously or unconsciously. It is a divine radiation. When you feel that harmony is slipping, immediately invoke the Violet Fire of transmutation and put it into action. Harmony is the foundation of your divinity. Sustained harmony brings you to the state of peace that “surpasses the understanding of the human mind.” Harmony in a group can only exist when all issues of negativity are being dealt with. Nothing of division may be left “under the table”. When everyone feels his or her needs are answered, harmony can flourish. When you expand the Silence into your daily life, you will also expand the Peace within the Silence. Radiating Peace always signifies the achievement of balance. There is no peace without balance. Before you expand the Silence, first use the Violet Fire. Always use the Violet Fire before doing anything.  Peace is a quality and a condition, where your consciousness can abide, when it refuses to be touched by anything of the outer world. Be it harsh noises, sounds or turmoil.  The ear suffers, but the consciousness remains unshaken. This is Mastery. Try!

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