One Specific Quality

As you know, qualities manifest as color and sound on the inner realms. Have you ever wondered why an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being is fully satisfied by developing one specific quality as the main purpose of Their Being? Well, in the Eternal Cosmic Scheme of all things there is no limitation. For instance even you can observe from your point of evolution, how many different hues of purple and violet are working in close proximity in the 7th Ray. Every different hue represents a different attribute or aspect of the quality, a different radiation and blessing, and a different effect. In the Eternal Scope of Life there are universes of Violet Light and Beings, and immense possibilities to learn, apply and grow. And even these universes might merely be layers of light in the Causal Body of another Cosmic Being. Eternity is a wonderful thing. Every quality, every color or sound, every atom of light has consciousness of a certain grade. Therefore it is always wise to approach them with love and reverence, knowing that the joy of service is an inherent quality of life in the higher realms. The illusion of being separate of anything no longer exists on this level, and coexistence to service for a common goal is the general way of communication. The beings of light are always engaged in projects of their superiors, endeavoring to fulfill a perfect service. That is their life and a joy to perceive.

See yourself as a divine being, who is working with the Sacred Fire to control, purify and transform the lower vehicles. No longer accept yourself as a human being striving to develop a higher consciousness. Make the switch. When the vestiges of human consciousness have been defeated and your Three Fold Flame is perfectly balanced, you can see your path stretching out before you into infinity. It is your specific path created by your Godparents giving you the opportunity to offer your unique gifts to this Universe and Universes yet to come.

The questions: who you are, and why you're here, are always close connected to time and space. Life is a gift, and the individualization of the 'animal-human' into the 'human-human' is a process of development in consciousness and matter. Consciousness has to control and direct matter into beauty and perfection. Thus he or she develops his or her divine nature and destiny into the perfect human. But it doesn't stop there. It always goes on. So you are the Presence of God I AM and you are here and now to establish the "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth. When you continue to raise the vibratory activity of your vehicles you get access to the higher vibration of the God qualities you love and admire so much. In this way you will be able to radiate this higher vibration into the Earth atmosphere through your physical and etheric bodies. Your very presence on this plane allows you to set a higher vibration in motion, thus creating a higher octave of light on Earth.

Every divine quality is a gift from a celestial being. It is a life form with its own divine plan and life cycle. By sharing the gifts of his color in service to other life forms it grows and becomes more aware of its reason for being. If you keep this knowledge as a reminder in the backgrounds of your mind, you will always be loving and reverent towards all life. If you meditate upon a quality or a truth, and continue to do so for long periods of time in rhythmic application, you BECOME that truth or quality. Be it peace, harmony, power or love. In this way the Masters tend Their Flames and expand them through all eternity.