Divine Qualities

Behold primal life as a liquid-light like substance. Then see how by free will self-consciousness wraps itself in it, molding it into a form of exquisite beauty. This is the birth of a quality, an idea, an art, a symphony, a teaching, a philosophy, or wherever the attention of the consciousness is attracted to, or aimed at. Entering the formless worlds of energy, you notice how important it is to FOCUS. Only when you focus your attention you can select and wield the energy, which is of the best assistance at a specific time for a certain project or situation. However, the focus itself is also composed of energy. The energy of your attention and the energy of your ‘chalice’. How greater and stronger the ‘chalice’, the more energy can be directed. The concentration of your attention decides the time and the intensity of the energy. Practice! When your ‘chalice’ is getting stronger and the outline more defined, the attacks of the lower self can no longer disturb the balance. You still feel the attacks, but it doesn’t occupy your consciousness any longer. Your attention is fixed on other things. So by withdrawing your attention you do not enhance the negativity. Mastery is a steady process. Your aura has to become so strong, that no outer distraction can touch it any more. Then you will have reached the place where “the light no longer flickers”. Your I AM Presence will always protect you.

Searching deeper into primal energy you experience how it reacts when you approach. It begins to vibrate in the same way and intensity as your forcefield. That’s the reason why you had to make the enormous cycle of experience in the form worlds to experiment with energy and vibration to build your specific forcefield. Without it your energy should merge with the primal energy and your consciousness with primal life, and you had to start all over again. Now that you have this forcefield you can consciously create by freewill and enthusiastically lend your energies to projects in concert with your superiors, to further the cause of a divine plan.

Weaknesses always attack you, when you are not alert. When you are tired or “sleepy”. It is no longer allowed to be “sleepy” on this path, because it needs your Full Attention and purity to keep your feet on the road so you can make your next step. Never stop using the Violet Fire and know, that you are the Christ in Action AT ALL TIMES! When you allow your consciousness to dwell on old and worn-out thoughts and feelings you lower the vibratory activity of your bodies as you know. Be attentive and don’t let this happen. Only pure and perfect thoughts and feelings are allowed on the path toward the ascension.

When your outer being is disturbed by negative vibrations that you cannot influence [ loud noises, or “music” ] do not let these vibrations enter the sanctuary of your inner balance and harmony. How? By not allowing them to go beyond the physical level. Do not allow them to enter your feeling world. It is a test you have to face and pass.

Perfection is already present in any circumstance. Merely the distortion around it does prevent you seeing it. Just shift the focus of your attention to the inner truth and call it forth.

When you work with primal energy and try to mold it into form you can choose to do that by yourself, or you can use already formed thoughtforms or ideas, made by Cosmic and Ascended Beings, which are not yet manifested in the world of form. If you choose the latter, you make a connection with the Creator of that thoughtform, who will help you, if you ask Him or Her, to assist you. This is also a form of communication between spiritual beings.


 If you take the effort to align your four lower vehicles, fully obeying and waiting for directions of the higher triangle: the Holy Christ Self, Causal Body and I AM Presence, a channel emerges capable to emit the light of the Higher Octaves in the world of form. Then your keynote will sound forth. When it does, people will be drawn to you in ever more quantities. Not merely on the physical plane. Life is recognizing the specific service you give and because you are unique as all life is, you learn from each other, when the bodies are purified and the energy flow begins. Just like your arms and hands are tools in the three dimensional world, so are the divine qualities your tools in the inner realms. Whether you have to use them with chirurgical precision in a certain condition, or to blaze them as Sacred Fire on a larger scheme. Practice makes perfect, and the joy to work with them will enhance your skills ever more.