When you learn to divide your attention at different places or conditions at the same time, you distribute a God-Quality to several places. They go out from you as rays from the sun. It is a beginning of the training to be at different places at the same time. It is all training for Mastery.

Being in the midst of energy in many different colors and rates of vibration you must know what you want and what you need to establish in the world of form. Remember energy is 'center without circumference', and matter is 'circumference without center'. Create the perfect form and balance between those two. Everything you observe has been an idea, a thoughtform in the mind of a creative being. Whether it is a chair, a sculpture, a tree or an ocean, it was once an idea. And so is the human body. The indwelling consciousness however, decides by freewill to expand the beauty of this body or otherwise, due to the development of the individual. It is your responsibility to expand beauty as much as possible. Everything in the universe responds to love. Also divine qualities. When you work rhythmically with certain qualities to develop a momentum, they become more and more attached to you, like children to their parents. The unifying power of love makes them one with you as long as you nourish them with your ATTENTION!

Accepting that every quality has its own life, experiment now with colors. For instance wrap yourself in the golden essence of the Second Ray. Feel immediately the alertness of your mind and the clarity of the thoughtforms that might emerge. If you don't do anything, thoughtforms and ideas might pass and fade through your consciousness like scenery images through the window of a train. Now focus your attention upon a certain thoughtform and expand this with your energy of enthusiasm, gratitude and love. Experience how immediately the thoughtform expands, becomes brighter and develops contour and rhythm (the pulse beat of life). Experience further the brightening and sparkling of the Golden Flame with which you work. This is also a communication between consciousnesses. That of yours with that of the Golden Flame and that of the thoughtforms. In this way it becomes a part of your 'family', your 'friends', and communicating in this way many times causes a natural radiation of the being that you are. Remember the Radiation around the Flame of an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being. A creation evolves in time and space. Consciousness evolves in becoming aware. If you become aware of the purpose of a certain creation, understand its meaning, and apply it, it becomes a part of your spiritual heritage through all eternity. It enhances the glory of your Causal Body. Because you charge the creation with your life force, it becomes your vehicle in the world of form during a specific time. During that time you ARE that creation, and it becomes your responsibility to fulfill its divine plan.