Love is still the Way,

Love is the cohesive power of the Universe. It attracts and holds together vibration of the same kind. It protects its budding creations against to much exposure to the Light. It allows all its creatures to grow, one step at the time, learning from the ever changing events around him/her by the laws of the circle and cause and effect.

Love includes patience to give life time to grow and prosper. It never falters or judge. It just embraces life to claim its own. There would be no life form anywhere in the universe but for the presence of Love. Love can, unlike power, never harm life. Like the magnetic field of a magnet can never harm a life form. You can expose yourself to a magnetic field of a thousand gauss and only feel a "honey-sweet" pressure. Power however is like electricity. We will not expose ourselves to a high voltage.

The rose is often referred to as the symbol of love. Especially the pink rose. Pink is the color of love and the color of the Third Ray of God's Love. The beauty of the form reminds us of the beauty of all forms created by love. The softness of the petals reminds us to the protective and nourishing aspects of love, and by the fragrance of the rose we are encouraged to ascend to ever higher regions of endeavor.

We have learned about human love and Divine Love. In fact there is no difference. It is the same Love, only the human ego often contaminates this love by selfish purposes thereby accumulating negative energy where (s)he will be accounted for. Just take the personal out and it becomes divine love. People always react out of love or out of fear. See the page about this issue.

To have banished fear from your life you will be in harmony at all times. When your consciousness is no longer tied into, and susceptible to the contagious emanations of the mass-consciousness, it can become creative if it so chooses, because free will is adamant to resurrect a 'sleeping' spirit to its divine heritage. This consciousness will take full responsibility of its own life and directs all energies to the Presence of God I AM THAT I AM. Only from that level the consciousness becomes a creative consciousness and the ideas of the higher Octaves of Light can permeate into the world of form.


Love will help us to establish the perfect "cradle" and environment to be creative. The origin of Love extends even beyond the view of the Ascended Ones.  The origin of Rays and Flames is from Galaxies far beyond our own and are a gift for the developing consciousness of this Galaxy. ALL IS A GIFT; EVEN LIFE ITSELF. Then what else can we do but to serve life?

Spiritual growth is linked to creativity, activity and change. Love will provide the "atmosphere to endure." Human consciousness despises change. Love will lift it up to do the Will of God instead of its own.

What does it mean: 'being creative?' Well, it is not creating something out of nothing. It means the leveling of the bodies: physical, etheric, mental and emotional to become the vessel of Divine Mind. Receiving "Seed-Ideas", which still have to be manifested on a plane of existence. These ideas are limitless and suitable for lifestreams on all the Seven Major Rays. Spiritual growth is depending on the way and means the individual is capable to precipitate these Ideas in the world of form. When you serve the Divine Plan you automatically ensure your growth, but your growth will no longer be the issue, because your enthusiasm and love for the Plan occupy your whole REASON FOR BEING. Service and creativity become then the joy of service and the joy of being creative.



Then you grow like the flower grows, eager to open its petals to the warmth of the sun. In our case: the Sun of our Being, the Presence of God I AM THAT I AM! Let our consciousness be creative and find new ways to communicate with each other and all life!

From: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom