Love and Fear



Human beings are always reacting out of love or out of fear. And fear can be as simple as the fear of not being right, or losing the control over the situation or afraid of being ridiculed or obstructed in our freedom, or...etc. etc. etc. And what are we doing then? Are we showing our fear? No, we hide it. First by irritation, and when this does not help, by anger, and if that still doesn't work by threatening. Every time a step further. The only reason is to make the other more afraid than myself. And so humankind is manipulating each other for thousands of years.

So, if somebody is angry with you, don't react immediately, but ask yourself: "Where is he or she afraid for?" Can I take that fear away!

Fear is the greatest enemy of humankind. It binds you to the most physical matter. It is the strongest power our ego has over us. Because we always trust our ego. To find our spiritual freedom we have to put our ego at its rightful place out of the center of control. His place is to be the servant of the Holy Christ Self. Your REAL identity. When does fear raise its ugly head? When circumstances appear over which you have no control. The ego always wants to be in control, and when life shows you opportunities to learn and grow, which may be unusual and threatening do not let fear interfere. Follow the directions of your inner Christ and embrace change, whatever the outer circumstances. Learn to do God's Will instead of your own human will. If you do, life will change dramatically. Follow the promptings of your inner self and use the Violet Fire on a daily base, then much of your returning negative karma will be transmuted and dissolved.


Use God's great Gift of Divine Love, to look past the daily, monthly, and yearly time span to the larger picture so you can more effectively work for the good of the entire planet. This is not to say that what you do every moment is not important. Quite the opposite is true, for each day is part of the plan and how we allow every day to unfold and develop, becomes a building block of our future.

Fear causes a distorted and unreal conception of the laws of life and consciousness and drives man to thoughts feelings and actions, which create the very circumstances he tries to avoid. When man comes to the realization that his own misuse of energy has caused all the distress and limitation which he experiences, he is then ready for instruction upon the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation (the Violet Fire) See the Seven Rays Page 2, 3 and 4.   Until this point is reached, he is either rebellious against God and circumstance or submissive to conditions, feeling that these unhappy experiences are the Will of God. The realization of God's Illumination in the outer consciousness of humankind must come, to realize that he himself in fact is the creator of all his distress. Then the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion are enabled to assist him to help himself to dissolve the cause and core of all limitations  and know personal mastery over energy and vibration.

"Divine Love conquers all", has been said so many times and still stands. It dissolves the negative energy especially when it is forgiven, an aspect of the Violet Flame.

Beloved Lady Nada, member of the Karmic Board says about this topic:

In My service to this planet, I chose to devote My energies to expanding the Love Nature of our God Parents until it could reach into even the darkest corner of consciousness that any lifestream would choose to inhabit. In so doing, I have - to the best of My ability - brought a measure of comfort to many souls, who are temporarily at a standstill upon their paths. Although many circumstances may cause delays in Spiritual progress, the remedy for each situation remains the same. This remedy of which I speak is unconditional Love! To love any part of life free is among the greatest calling any lifestream can receive, as well as one of the most difficult to perform.

The results of humanity's misuse of energy has always rebounded upon the individual lifestreams who sent it forth, which is dictated by Cosmic Law. This is called the "Law of the Circle", and it often brings much discouragement to the mental body, which is ignorant of this law.  If every lifestream were to understand the opportunity afforded them to transmute - and thereby release this energy - much would be accomplished toward their own development, and that of the entire race. That is why your calls for Divine Illumination are so important, for they assist humankind to accept and transmute the returning energy, blazing the Sacred Fire of Freedom's Love through it, dissolving its effects within their life experiences.  

Every unascended Being is in training at this time, and most are making great progress. It is time for the Activity of the Threefold Flame to balance the energies being utilized by every person who is in embodiment at this time.

You, blessed ones, must call Us into action, that We may pour Our momentums of God's Will, Divine Illumination, and - in My case - Pure Divine Love - through all humanity. Then - like the Sun's Rays shining upon the frozen ground, each heart will soften, to permit the Divine ideas to enter in, germinate, and come to complete fruition. This is the Awakening for which all humankind waits. It is the answer to the deepest desires of the heart. Call forth the Sacred Violet Fire to transmute all human misconceptions, so that Harmony and Faith in God may bring about this awakening, and insure the bountiful harvest which will follow.  


You have learned that the Sacred Violet Flame is the most Powerful Aspect of Love, embodying Forgiveness, Transmutation, and Freedom for All Life. I wish you to know that when you call for Love, when you call for Healing, when you call for Illumination, the required virtue is clothed within a forcefield of Violet Fire as it is sent forth, to insure that it reaches its destination uncontaminated by human thoughts and feelings. Our energy is never wasted, or allowed to feed a lesser vibration of discord or a lack of harmony.

I AM telling you this so that you will be enabled to train your own consciousness to clothe the energy you release in thought, word, or deed, with harmony. Before your Love goes forth, send the Violet Fire! Before you speak, send forth the Violet Fire! Before you take action on the physical plane in any fashion, send forth the Violet Fire, and the way shall be made clear for you to receive the greatest possible results from your efforts.

Open your hearts now to My Love, as it enfolds you! In like manner, send your loveout to enfold all life. It is love that binds us all to the Supreme Source of Life "I AM", and within the Flame of ''I AM", We are ONE!


[From The Bridge Journal May 1992]