Plato already said:

"Beauty is Love made visible".

The Elemental Kingdom will create  a wonderful  environment when we allow It. How? Acknowledge the tremendous efforts of this Kingdom by their attempts to return this Planet to Her Pristine Beauty.  Too long humanity has turned the head the other way by  hurrying on to find their own  fortune. Finally they discover that lasting happiness can never be found in this way. The only way to establish everlasting happiness is to consciously cooperate with this Kingdom. We can do this by watching our thoughts and feelings, because the divine plan of the elements is to outpicture the thoughtforms enhanced by the feelings of their superiors. In this case the Directors of the Elements.

Every human being has an elemental Being assigned to him/her, as well. A highly intelligent being, connected  to him/her  at the first embodiment on this Planet and those two will remain connected till the last embodiment. Due to the misuse of God's Holy Energy by thought, feeling and action, your Elemental Friend is sometimes forced to outpicture not only imperfection, but even distortion in one or more of your vehicles. This is a devastating experience as well for you as the elemental, because both have to endure these limitations during a whole embodiment.

Hence the urge for purification and transformation by the use of the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love. Practicing this wholesome method on a day to day base will alleviate a lot of your karma by lightening the burden you carry through many lifetimes on Earth.