Respect and acknowledge the elementals!

For eons of time the elements of earth, water, air and fire have served us well and thoroughly.

Be GRATEFUL for their graceful service, often done without any notice or response  from the human kingdom. This has to change. No longer is it allowed by Cosmic Law to waste energy. From now on we only have to produce positive energy; if not we immediately have to suffer the consequences. Hence the upheaval of elemental destruction by fire, earthquake, storms or excessive rains.

WE are responsible, there is no coincidence. All has a reason. Humans have their free will, yes, but what you sow you shall also reap. In your own life, and in the planet as a whole. Everything and everybody is connected. Be responsible for your actions, but even more for your own thoughts and feelings. When your thoughts are constructive, and your feelings pure, then your actions will only outpicture perfection. The elementals will then copy your energy (thoughts and feelings) in the outer world in manifestations of beauty and serenity. If your thoughts and feelings are selfish and self-serving, the results will be destructive, as humankind finally begins to realize.

Consider the elementals as your younger brothers, who you love and guide to outpicture the beauty of your own creativity in all fields of human endeavor.

Soon more and more children will develop etheric clairvoyance and be able to actually see the elementals and their work and play in the Nature Kingdom, as well as they will  behold the auras of all living beings. Let us clear the way for them by being alive, alert, awake and active in our minds, body, feeling worlds and affairs and being responsible for our actions.