BELOVED MIGHTY VESTA, Divine Complement of Helios;  Goddess of the Sun, (God of the Sun of the System to which the planet Earth belongs) Activity: Light and Truth

I AM Vesta, Goddess of the Sun come again to give to you, My children, an investment of My LIGHT; an investment of the Presence of Myself in the consciousness of your emotional, mental, etheric and physical worlds and the investment is truly a power wherein and whereby you become in yourselves an activity of the expansion of the Light of this particular Globe on which you presently abide.

Many eons ago beloved Helios My Divine Complement, and I qualified to become the Sun God and Sun Goddess for this System. As you know, We designed with great harmony and in great joy the Planets of this System including this Earth which was a small Planet in Our Divine Design, to be occupied by about three and a half billion peoples and then before the Manus had prepared the individuals to come into being, We had the assistance of the Great and Mighty Elohim Who of Themselves came with the Mighty Immaculata and drawing of primal Life Essence created that little Globe on which you now abide.

She was shining then with all the beauty and love which Helios and I and these Great Builders of Form and the other Beings Who offered to assist Us could manifest. On this shining Orb came forth the first  Manu  of the Root Race and His sub-races. They found this Planet Earth truly like unto the orbit of Our Sun.


 Ages have passed and temporarily the Earth has been clothed round by imperfection not only from Her Own peoples but those from other Stars and it is My privilege and my joy to give gratitude to each and every one who is in earnest in redeeming the Earth and purifying those elements by the conscious use of the Sacred Fire, and blessing each and every one; blessing Immaculata Who stands above the planet Earth, holding constantly to the Divine Plan for this planet, just as It was projected forth from Helios and Myself. Those Mighty Elohim Who continue to render Their service in holding a balance and All the Beings of the Fire Element Who have been misused through eons of time so that they may find relief and release and rise into their proper estate, even as the Flame in your hearts rises in love and gratitude when We join one another in communion and God Service.

I ask, you, beloved, who use this Earth, even if you have come from other Stars even for a time, to remember Beloved Pelleur and Beloved Virgo are the Host and Hostess upon it and have given you habitation and all the Elemental Kingdom and their Mighty Directors Who have enabled you to have many joyous experiences on this sweet Earth.

Now We are called upon by Cosmic Law to make this Earth shining again, brilliant and beautiful as It was in the beginning to straighten Her axis quietly and to accelerate the vibratory action of the electrons, which make up the atoms and cells of every human being and all life in, through and about it.

                                                                                                      Lady Vesta

[From: Friendship with the Gods Part 2]