The planet we abide on is recognized by more and more people as a living entity. And that is the Truth. Consciousness is always growing and expanding. The Life wave that once vivified the minerals continues to expand in the plant world, and later on in the animal kingdom. Then growth goes on in the human kingdom. And will it end here? Of course not, it expands forever. Humans evolve into God Beings, when they have fulfilled their divine plan, and surrender their human will to God. So the Life wave enters Cosmic Life and expands in embodying planets and stars.

The Cosmic Being we refer to as Mother Earth is called:


"Mother Earth" - Divine complement of Lord Pelleur.

Blessed and beloved, you who are My guests upon this Earth, I thank you for assisting in the purification of this Planet. Now aeons have passed since first you came to Me from distant Stars and enjoyed the pleasure of this Sweet Earth, every electron of which is made up of My Own Electronic Body; every electron which has been temporarily despoiled shall be returned in this Era and Age to the glory of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and you serving upon this Earth to that purity and perfection and protection again.


It has been My joy to be the nourishment through the energies of my Being of every harvest you have known. It has been My joy to be the platform upon which your blessed feet have stood, as well as that of the glorious Ascended Master Jesus and Beloved Buddha 's feet  (now the Lord of the World) Whose imprints yet remain upon the breast of the substance of this Earth.

We, too, have been patient, I think you will agree, with not only those who have loved Us and who have enjoyed serving with Us but also with those who have taken Our Life and used it to their own personal advantage, not blessing any part of life with their gifts. The vibratory action of Our patience is stepped down into Our Element just as you channel from your Causal Bodies the gifts and powers into your Holy Christ Flame, do We channel into the gnomes and all those in Our Element that patience which sustains their service and to bless forever the opportunity given even by a recalcitrant mankind to serve them, for they grow thereby.


I think of all the smaller beings. The most mischievous are the gnomes - the gnomes that are not on the ascendancy but who are engaged in mirroring some of the distortions seen around them and some little ones on occasion have to be called before Us to be reprimanded. 

It would be wise indeed if you in any case regarding the salamanders, the sylphs, the gnomes or the undines would ask Us to help you to bless them and to hold them in their perfect place as co-workers with you, for this is Our Reason for Being.

You do not always know how much elemental life might be playing 'games' with you so to speak. Therefore causing you unnecessary discomfort, but you can make the call to Us and We in turn will see that those elementals of the most constructive type and nature are the servants of your lifestreams. We will remove and place in schools for re-education those who have gotten out of line. We do that anyway but with your conscious understanding of it and calls to Us and the Directors of these beings We can give you assistance.


There is in you a lot of the Earth; of the Earth -- earthy is an expression; well! That means there is in you a great deal of Myself and as We accelerate the vibratory action of the entire Planet, that substance of earth which is within you is good. It will accelerate with Me and become part of the Light of the World.

Therefore I ask you to bless the landed surface of the Earth and the gnomes who are within It and be so grateful indeed for all beings who for the most part unseen serve not only around you but make up the very structure of your physical vehicles. Time after time after time as you take embodiment, those little beings at the close of this embodiment through the Power of Transmutation, through the gift of the Beloved Serapis Bey and the Brotherhood at Luxor and the great Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Mighty Violet Flame shall be purified and returned to the Sun and form then a part of the glory of your Causal Body as you work as Godfree Beings, never again hampered by human creation.

                                                                                 Lady Virgo.  

[From: Friendship with the Gods Part 2]