The    Planets    also    have    7 bodies





Just like the human beings, the Planets also have Seven Bodies. Their physical body is our physical world; their etheric body is our etheric environment. Their emotional body is our astral plane, etc. We are micro beings living on a macro being, planetary beings living on a Cosmic Being with an own divine plan. Consciousness is forever growing through all eternity, and a consciousness that now lives and creates through a human being may once be a radiating sun in a future galaxy. However it is always a matter of freewill choice. You are always free, you have always been. The circumstances of your life at this time may be difficult, but if you understand that they are the result of your own choices, which are causes you initiated in this or a previous lifetime, you will understand that you can change your life by creating constructive causes in this lifetime. "Keep on, keeping on".


The Planet's Etheric Body consists of 4 levels, 4 planes. And so does our etheric body: solid, liquid, gaseous, and 4 etheric levels. Electricity, roentgen, infrared and ultraviolet are etheric powers. On the Etheric Planes we find the Great Directors of the elements, and the elementals and nature spirits in all their graded order. We find the Etheric Temples of the Ascended Masters in which we can receive the teachings about the sacred fire, when our physical bodies are asleep. The result of these teachings we have to apply in our day-to-day living. So we are learning to become masters of our own energy, and transmuting our personal karma.

The Emotional body of the planet is the astral plane. It also consists of seven levels [planes] They are layered as strata on and around the planet. The lowest levels are on the surface of the Earth. The biblical "purgatory". Hence the importance to protect yourself against these effluvia by the Blue and the Violet Flames.  The three highest levels of the astral plane are very pleasant, there our higher emotions take on forms of beauty. Also all the expectations and hopes built during a lifetime become alive and are with you. Like a three dimensional movie of your own choice. Is it reality? Well, it seems real enough. People are very happy there and stay there sometimes for a very long time.


The Mental Body of the Planet is the biblical "heaven". It is a place where all our efforts, aspirations and struggles, during your embodiment are being molded into qualities. The four lower sub planes are the form levels. The three higher sub planes are the formless levels. In these three higher levels you abide in your causal body, and it is here, that the new qualities are built in. Hereafter you descend into a new incarnation to continue in becoming master over your energies and fulfilling your divine plan, which is unique.

The next level, the Fourth Body of the Planet- because the Etheric Plane is a part of the Physical Body of the Earth- is the Buddhic Plane. It is the level where all consciousness becomes one. The Unity of life is no longer an ideal, but a reality. Like the electricity is the source of all "life" in the electrical devices. We talked about this on Kwan Yin's Page This plane you can reach with your intuition, impersonal love and sacrifice. Sacrifice makes life sacred.

The Fifth Plane is Nirvana. We only learn about this level from the Great Ones, Who renounced it.

The Sixth and the Seventh are for us no more than names. So let us call them Spiritual Planes. You see there is still a long way to go. It is all a matter of your own free will choice. How much are you willing to give up for the highest good of all concerned? How eager are you to learn and grow. Not your ego, but your true self? There is only one-way: to control your ego, and serve in your own unique way. As the Master says: "Keep on, keeping on".