The qualities are: Healing, Truth, Concentration, and Consecration.

The reason that humankind requires healing is because for the most part she is no longer aligned with the God Presence. All the imperfect thoughts, feelings and actions, and the result of destructive return currents [effects, karma] and the fear resulting of these effects bring the bodies in such an unstable and unbalanced condition that healing is required.



Where no inner peace can be found, the outer peace of nature can do miracles to restore the inner balance...for a while...! Fear is the greatest enemy of humankind. It is a temporary block between your lower self and your I AM Presence, but only ignorance can cause it. To become free of fear you have to surrender yourself to the Holy Christ Self within your very heart. Let go of the control of your ego. Say to your ego:" Human ego be gone, I no longer accept the many traps and pitfalls you have used throughout my many lifetimes in an attempt to block my spiritual development and keep me from becoming ONE WITH GOD!"

The beloved Goddess of Wisdom, serving on the Fifth Ray is Pallas Athena. She said:

"Beloved ones, it is and shall always be through the love, wisdom and power of your I AM Presence that you will be presented with the perfect situations to assist you in dissolving all the ties to your past you no longer need. Your God Presence is also creating the many opportunities you need to complete certain tasks, learning what you need to from each one, so that in the future, you will perfectly continue to fulfill your divine plans.

Your choices in the past define who you are right now. In the same token your choices now will define who you will be in the future. As each of you has lived many lifetimes, most of which you may not even be aware of, you have probably done almost everything there is to do on this planet, both positive and negative in nature. It is time to recognize this fact. Acknowledge the wisdom you have acquired over the ages. Also take a moment to forgive yourself for whatever transgressions to the laws of life you have committed; for, in his love and mercy, God has already done so. Let go of all that negative energy still stored in any part of your beings. Beloved ones you no longer have to be afraid! Yes the completion of your life tasks will take all the strength, faith, courage, patience and love you can master as you efficaciously work to manifest that all-encompassing mystic reunion with our Mother-Father God, but I assure you the completion of your journey will be worth your every effort! Remember also the other gifts and blessings that come with harmony: understanding, cooperation, unity, oneness and above all friendship, for our beloved brother Saint Germain has said: "Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we will ever have in our lives!"

You are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in your life. Your future depends upon your actions of both the past and the present. Every thought, feeling, word, action, and reaction - in fact everything you have ever experienced since you were nothing more than a tiny spirit spark is helping in creating the wonderful and unique individual you are.

                                                                    Pallas Athena

 [© "The Bridge Journal August 1997]