The jewel in the Lotus is the Holy Christ Self in the perfectly balanced Threefold Flame. When the Love, Wisdom and Power are balanced, you always go the Path of the Middle Way. The Holy Christ Self is the Golden Man, the Illumined One, the son [sun] of God. When you are able to rely on, and become your Holy Christ Self more and more, you will know your reason for being, and your spiritual growth will advance enormously. Are you ready to let go of your fears and insecurities, and the machinations of your lower self, your ego? Then your progress will be fast. Use the Violet Fire of Freedoms Love, and the Blue Flames of God's Faith and Protection.  


The Lord Gautama continues to speak.....


As Lord of this beloved planet, my aura has expanded greatly over the ages and now encompasses the Earth fully. Thus I may now serve perfectly as a channel to dispense the gifts and blessings of the Godhead to all the children of Earth and I welcome every opportunity to do so. It is appropriate at this time of year that I now come, bearing this small, but very powerful, gift of wisdom, which I offer to you.

In the higher realms of light and cosmic silence, communication of information takes place through light rays. Whatever is required is received through light and answered in the same way. It may comfort you to know there is no condition within your physical, etheric, mental, and emotional forms that is unknown to me. This is important, for, as the massconsciousness of man awakens and stirs from its slumber of the ages, you must be ready and able to assist your brothers and sisters as they enter a new level in their spiritual development.

I do not offer this information to make you feel burdened in any way. Rather, it is my desire that you now feel joy and anticipation with your part of the many tasks ahead, during the ever-unfolding pageant of Earth's evolution. It will be a time of great joy of expression, but there may be aspects of your work that may seem quite difficult during these times of transition. It is for this very reason beloved ones, that - upon your request, I shall enter your physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies with a ray of my love, searching out your every need and your every desire with the very substance and essence of myself.

Enter the great silence and peace of your innermost soul now, the perfectly balanced heart flame that is your true being and call to me. Come to know my gifts and blessings through my presence, for I AM always but a single thought away. As you do this, a part of my light will forever become a part of your light, as I now enter your beings and worlds, assisting you to see that all is well, beloved ones. All is very, very well.





Please receive the following words by beloved Sanat Kumara, the previous Lord of the World in Love and reverence.


You have been told that the Lord of the World holds your Heart Flames within His aura at all times. This is true. At the time Lord Gautama was crowned Lord of the World, and I was released to return to Venus, it was necessary that I transfer this precious responsibility to Him. This was accomplished in a most sacred ceremony. Although I may not describe it to you, I will tell you that each and every individual who is a part of the evolutions of the Earth stood before Lord Gautama and Myself during that ceremony. This is because the Lord of the World must be familiar with every lifestream who is in His charge. As this examination was completed, the Threefold Flame of each lifestream was then transferred from My aura into that of Lord Gautama.

I would now like to expand upon the way in which Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya and Myself work together, in the fulfilling of Our responsibilities as the Holy Triumvirate for the Earth and her evolutions. I will begin by reminding you that all Beings of Cosmic evolution have achieved perfect balance, even though Each has a special endeavor and gift to bestow. In the Triumvirate, Each of Us represents a specific part of the Cosmic Threefold Flame. The Flame is designated by virtue of the office We hold. 


The office of Lord of the World represents the Power, Protection, and Divine Will of God, which is the Father Aspect of the Holy Trinity, represented by the Blue Flame. The Lord of the World also holds the balance of your Threefold Flames, acting as overseer of the ongoing and ever-changing process of their development into ultimate perfection. In addition, beloved Lord Gautama brings His personal Qualities to you, which include Cosmic Patience and Illumination.

As Cosmic Buddha and World Teacher, Lord Maitreya oversees the illumination of the race, representing the Golden Flame. He guides all who work in that office, administering both the ceremonial and intellectual aspects of education. It is important to understand that illumination is required in all four lower vehicles, not merely the mental. You must become illuminated emotionally, ethereally and physically, as well. This will assist you to understand the need for perfect balance, among all Cosmic Beings, as well as yourselves.

I am a Being of Divine Love, and that is also a virtue that must imbue every one of your four lower vehicles, and not merely the emotional. Representing the Pink Flame, I fan the Flame of Love within your precious hearts at every opportunity, expanding the Love Nature of God through your entire beings and worlds! As your Regent, I also oversee the unified activity, giving My support to the work of the entire Hierarchy as needed and desired.  

At Lord Gautama's call, Lord Maitreya and I merge Our auras with His. Thus, We, too, may hold your Threefold Flames within Our care! At the slightest hint of a lack of balance, We are instantly made aware of the need, and stand ready to blaze Our Light into your Heart Flames to restore the balance.

You wish to know how you may work with Us. Your part in assisting is also threefold. After calling upon your I AM Presence for help, you may also merge your auras with Ours! Your Blue Flame activity is to make the calls for Divine assistance. Your Golden Flame activity is to act as the Open Doors of I AM Consciousness into the Earth plane; to be a channel of the Love, Illumination and Healing required. Finally, the Pink Flame activity is to act as a Silent Watcher, holding the concept of Divine Love and Perfection in the Mind and Heart of God, until the manifestation is complete. Although I have kept My explanations simplified, as you meditate upon the information I have given, the expansion of your spiritual understanding and your individual Threefold Flames may be profound. 



Beloved Ones, the Love of God may only be revealed to you one step at a time, and realized as you are able to receive It. The Love of God is that for which every human heart yearns, from the time of his first incarnation, until such time as it is possible to achieve the ascension! This is why your sacrifice is the greatest of all! I AM free to know the fullness of God's Love in the Higher Realms, while you must stay and magnetize it into the Earth for all your brothers and sisters in the Family of Man. It is so sacred, and sometimes so overwhelming to you, who have volunteered to accomplish this portion of the work.

SO BE IT! I thank you for your Love, as I enfold you in Mine, blessed Spirits of Light!

                                                                                                          SANAT KUMARA  

[from the Bridge Journal December 1992  supplement]     More about Love