BELOVED CHELAS [students of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters] - Let us always remember; that which you think feel or say - manifests! The Sacred Threefold Flame anchored deep within the Planet at the physical focus of Shamballa is a Living Entity - a Manifestation of the Feelings and Thoughts of the Great God of the Universe! That is what I ask you to think and feel now. As you do, I will accelerate the vibratory action of your individual Threefold Flames. I will assist you to feel the reality of the Sacred Flame, and I will assist you to think about it, if you will call to Me during your personal meditations. I ask you to make that call right now, and I will pause while you do this, so that I may send my Ray of Perfect Balance into the heart centers of each of you. 



The Lord Gautama continues

My first statement to you was "that which you think, feel or say - manifests" Now I say to you, that as you dwell in the center of your Heart Flame - that Secret Place of the Most High Living God - if you think about That Flame, and if you dwell upon That Flame, the words you say will be words of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER! And - THEY WILL MANIFEST UPON THE FACE OF THIS BLESSED PLANET, and all Life will be brought to the point of True Spiritual Freedom!

At the beginning of the previous Great Age on Our Planet, the Master Jesus said: "Know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free!" Now is the beginning of another Great Age - The Golden Age of Beloved Saint Germain, and this is to be the Age of Spiritual Freedom! I tell you now - The Sacred Fire is the Embodiment of the Truth upon Planet Earth. It is a gift of God to the consciousness of all men that can receive It, and who will work with It to prove Its Truthfulness upon the Earth!


Those of mankind who know the Flames are those who are the consecrated individuals of this New Era. Those who call the Sacred Flames forth to purify and balance all life upon Our Beloved Earth and those We call upon, for it is they who can and will be open to receive the Truth of the Sacred Fire now.  

I never speak to either praise or censure - but only to inform and teach, for that is the only appropriate way of those who dwell within the Octaves of Light. Know this, and get it firmly anchored within your consciousness until it overcomes any lesser expression of the human, for We hold ALL LIFE SACRED, and it is upon your paths to do likewise. Until this is done, you have not yet attained Mastery of your personal energy, and your path is not complete upon the Earth plane.

Many times it has been explained to you that there are numerous activities upon the Planet, which are intended to raise the consciousness in some way. Their various purposes may be to teach, or to explore, or to broaden the views of those who are attracted to them. In some way, they must help expand the Light of God in their locale, or in a broader perspective if possible, in order to qualify for the direct assistance of the Ascended Masters.

One of the first qualifications that is put forth is that there must be a "call" for assistance. Secondly, although the activity in question does not have to believe in the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, or understand about it, to receive Our assistance and aid, it could not receive the added benefit of consciously experiencing the reality of Our Presence. Nothing is ever done by the Ascended Masters or Their Brotherhoods which would interfere in the natural evolution of an individual or a group, for this would be an interference with free will and choice, and not in accordance with the Cosmic Law.


This is the briefest possible explanation I will give you at this time, but it is most important that all of our chelas understand how the Hierarchy works regarding situations that may affect them.

You have walked with the Masters, the Angels and the God-free Elemental Beings in ages past, and this great privilege will come once again, with a far greater evolution than any that has been previously experienced on the Earth. This will come, and this will manifest, and to prepare the way, My counsel to you is that you use the Sacred Transmuting Flame to 'prepare the way' for the blossoming of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. Remember, this Transmuting Flame is anchored within your Heart Flames, and as you work with Sacred Fire, it is all the more effective if the purification actively precedes it!

In closing, remember - think the Truth of purification and Perfect Balance! Feel the Truth of Purification and Perfect Balance! MANIFEST THE TRUTH of Purified Chalices, in the perfect Balance of LOVE, WISDOM AND POWER! I BLESS YOU!

                                       LORD GAUTAMA

[From the Bridge Journal December 1988]