At the birth of every human being the first breath  is being given by the Holy Spirit or the Maha Chohan.

The last breath at the end of our   time span is taken by one of Them.

The breath can contain the qualities of the Holy Spirit when you concentrate upon them. The Holy Breath is composed of 4 parts:

1. The inbreath, when you breathe the quality ( for instance patience ) in.

2. The absorption, when you hold the breath into your body, absorb the quality into your four lower vehicles ( physical, etheric, emotional and mental ).

3. The expansion, when you breathe out, increases the power and momentum of the Holy Breath.

4. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life.

Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

April 9, 1993


Beloved Disciples of Divine Love,

As I enfold you today within the compass of My Heart Flame, I bring the Fire Breath of Love from the Sun, and the Earth's Sister planets belonging to this Galaxy. Take a moment to feel and accept Their respect and reverence for each one of you and for all life. In patience and peace sublime, They await Earth's signal of readiness, so We may all move forward into higher realms of consciousness. Realizing that only Divine Love can generate such profound reverence and respect, please send a ray of Love and Gratitude to your brothers and sisters in those planets and beyond.


Beloved chelas, My message to you at this time is a loving request. Before you go to sleep each night, take a few minutes to review your day. Then, in an objective manner, consider My Code of Conduct. As you do so, think about your day just passed. In this way, each blessed chela will be able to realize any misunderstanding of energy that may have occurred. If such is the case, do not judge yourself. Rather, call upon beloved Kwan Yin and ask for forgiveness-self forgiveness. Always remember that Her Temple is open for the entire year, and it will be that way until the Earth is free. After accepting the gift of forgiveness, request the assistance of Lord Raphael to reconsecrate your being. In so doing, you will start the next day anew, full of vitality, compassion, and love for all life.

As you consider My Code of Conduct, you open your consciousness to My Presence and that of My Cosmic Son, Paul. This allows you to act as Disciples of Holy Spirit in, through, and around your world.

One of the Cosmic Laws is; 'like attracts like', and we know that love attracts love on the return journey to oneness with Eternal Light. Once you become the Holy Spirit in action, love brings you home through the Son - the Christ Self. This is the manifestation of Divine Will. It is your destiny!  

It has been said 'know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free!' I say to you now 'Love the Truth, and the Truth shall come to you!' Through your love, the Cosmic Law of Attraction is set into motion. Therefore, when others come to you, seeking the same unchangeable Truth, you will have the knowledge, understanding, and love to teach them this principle.

When  I tell you that Love for Truth will reveal It to you, I do not imply you will realize the Truth of the entire Universe. Perceiving Truth is a part of evolution. The whole Truth to which I refer is whatever is necessary for you to attain your next step upon the cosmic ladder of evolution.

I but await the day when you hear your Cosmic Keynote, and the Light of the Christ dawns before you in Its fullness. Then, and only then shall you be free!  

Praise Love! The Love which creates Light, and the Light that produces Life!

Praise Love! The Love that nurtures Wisdom, and the Wisdom which gives Power!

Praise Love! The Love that brings the Power to accomplish, to manifest the Will of the Father-Mother God!

I trust you will follow My directives. They were the ones I have used on the path toward My Ascension. Know I AM as close to you as the Sacred Flame in your heart.


[From: The Bridge Journal: May 1994]