In the human world it is often possible to avoid human rules and laws and 'get away' with it for a long period of time, sometimes even a lifetime.

In the realm of Spiritual Truth and Divine Principle this is impossible. In the inner realms your growth is shown by the amount of light you emit.

In the outer world we live under the illusion, that we can hide something from each other. Well..., we can't. Everything will be exposed one day or another. This is due to the law of cause and effect, which records every atom, that is moved out of its place. It records it as: 1. According to the Will of God, or 2. Not in accord with the Will of God. These are the records of causes. The effects of nr 1. will be harmonious, those of nr 2 will result in discord. And this will always be the case. You cannot hide energy and vibration. It will eventually come to the fore for you to deal with it one way or another.


 Hence the law of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an aspect of the Violet Fire. Every time you forgive somebody or something, you use the Violet Fire. Beloved Kwan Yin has said, that forgiveness is more love than justice requires.

If we look at the color violet, we see, that it is composed out of two colors: pink and blue. Pink represents love, and blue power. So the Violet Flame is the most powerful aspect of Love. Consider this. Think about it!

All our energy: our thoughts, feelings words and actions are going out from us, making a great circle and are coming BACK to us with shelves full of harvest of the same kind. Not only from this lifetime, but often from many incarnations back

We misqualified our energies time and again, many, many times. So it returns to us in very many different ways. Beloved Ascended Master Hilarion, the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Truth, Science and Healing prefers to call it the misunderstanding of energy. Because we still: "Don't know what we do".

How does the energy return to us? The same way as we sent it forth: in thoughts, feelings, words and....reactions. But we don't recognize it as our own energy, because it returns through "others". Every 'bad', negative, unfriendly or malicious act others or "circumstances" seem to bring us, are merely our own misqualified, or misunderstood energy returning 'home' to be set free. Now we can receive  that in two ways. The most difficult and long way is accepting all the difficult and challenging circumstances in your life without putting blame or condemnation to anyone or anything.


The second way is the use of the Violet Flame, forgiving life as it enters your awareness by loving it free. So lovingly been given by the Great Beings of the Seventh Ray.  See pages of the 7 Rays]

Use it daily if possible and rhythmically. It is the transforming power of this magnificent Violet Fire of Freedom's love. It transmutes the energy before it enters our lives. In this way you can alleviate your 'karma' tremendously. Try it, and continue to try, till you actually see results. First for yourself and later for others, when you encounter disharmonious circumstances. The law will prove itself. Then you learn the great lesson of reverence for life. You cannot hurt anyone but yourself. Then the time will come when you decide by your own free will to do the Will of God and no longer follow the machinations of your ego. Say to your ego:" Human ego be gone! I no longer accept the many traps and pitfalls you have used throughout my many lifetimes in an attempt to block my spiritual development and keep me from becoming ONE WITH GOD!"  See Healing page 3

On this link you find some: Violet Fire decrees.