Beloved Chelas,

Only the Grace of God can save any man from the errors of human judgment. Ponder these words, dear Children! With every breath you take, the very Living Substance of Holy Spirit is given freely into your Beings - with every breath ! With every breath you draw forth, the Grace of God is poured freely into your worlds. Is not this the Food and Drink of your beings?

If you could but remember your moment of birth into this World, (and of course, you can when you are ready!) you would feel Me standing there..... you would feel My Luminous Presence, receiving you in Wings of Light, and you would feel My Love breathed into your tiny form, opening in that new little physical form a channel of God's Grace upon the Earth.

That is what you are intended to be A Channel of Living, Loving Light of the Grace of God, moving upon the face of the Earth, creating perfection through your Being!  

With every human birth, the Sun of God descends to Earth, to save and to redeem! If human consciousness clouds this perception, Dear Ones, you must remember that the Presence of God "I AM" sees only your Divine Plan manifest- right now!

The Christ Self anchored within your heart knows how to overcome, and as you make even the least effort to return Home to the Light from which you descended, it is the Holy Christ Self within which stirs and feels the Light of the Resurrection at hand. It is the Holy Christ Self of you which bursts forth from the tomb of human will and misunderstanding, and begins to wield the Power of Redemption! It is the Golden One within your Heart-Flames who can and will do all things in the world of form. It is the Holy Christ Selves that are the literal embodiment of God's Grace come forth to do God's Will on Earth.

 The Holy Christ within is protected by the Power of Light in the very center of your hearts until such time as you - each one - wills a higher expression of Life. Then the desire for Light draws forth the attention and the assistance of all the Grace of God required to purify the four lower vehicles of the one who calls.

The Light, the Grace of God, flows forth from the Heart of God, to make clear the way of the Lord. That Lord of Light is the Christ Self within your heart!

Make clear the way of the Lord, and let it come forth from the darkness of human will and human understanding.

One day, blessed ones, you will stand forth free, as you make these calls for purification. Remember, you take in the perfection of God with every breath. It is My humble request that you work with increasing impetus on the expansion and projection of the Holy Breath. I ask this, not for My Sake, but for yours! With every breath you take, the Grace of God is freely dispensed. Let it be an increasing activity that the Grace of Holy Spirit is given forth into your worlds qualified with the same perfection in which it is given.


Ask for My assistance, and for that of Beloved Paul, My Son, the Maha Chohan, Who meditates upon Me day and night. We will help you in developing your understanding of the importance of the Holy Breath, and Its activity in the Earth, and in all Life. You will then be acting as the Suns of God you really are, letting the awakened Christ within stand to Its full stature, and wield the Powers of Light wherever you are!

I Love You,

[From: The Bridge Journal: April 1989]