The symbol of the Holy Spirit has always been the Dove. In reality it is more than a symbol. It is the actual electronic pattern of the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? It is full Cosmic momentum of the Causal Body of the Godhead. All the Qualities gathered during aeons of time cycles are stored in this Body and are available for the ones among humankind, who are able and willing to serve the highest good. The Christ already told us 2000 years ago: "After me the Holy Spirit will come". Before the blessings of the Holy Spirit will enter our world we have to develop Christ consciousness, only then it is safe to set free the enormous powers of the Holy Spirit.

Everything in the universe is energy, vibration and consciousness, also with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of this system of worlds is the Cosmic Holy Spirit Æolus, a Cosmic Divine Being of tremendous powers. But above all He is Love. The blessing of Holy Spirit is the Love of God for His Creation. God is Love; the Holy Spirit is Love. It is the cohesive power of the universe. Before He became Cosmic Holy Spirit, He was the Holy Spirit of this Earth, the Maha Chohan. This picture shows His features as known be some of His chela's [students of the Master] The present Holy Spirit of our Earth is Paul the Maha Chohan.





February 1, 1978

The body of man is made up of water, air and earth, and is animated by Spiritual Fire, which is the transmuting element that eventually absorbs the other three elements into Itself.

When the earth, the water and the air have become completely permeated by the Fire of Spirit, they become etheric substance, and at the moment of the Ascension, the Fire of God returns to the Father with the transmuted elements of the Earth within Itself ... thus, the Ascension is the ascending of the Fiery Flame which has animated the physical body from the beginning of time.  



At so-called death the Flame ascends, but without absorbing the purified substance of the earth body, and therefore remains but one element.

At the time of the Ascension, the Flame becomes the four elements, and in that Ascension you have the four-square activity of the Fourth Dimension, and there is no return of the Flame to the Earth because Its journey is completed.

If the chela will visualize this Fire in the Breath drawing all his Earth substance into Itself, and thus prepare for Its last journey Home, he will be able to hasten the process of purification preceding the ascension. 

[From: The Bridge Journal November 1992]