We know that truth never changes, but is just amplified and raised to a higher dispensation. I AM is all there is and in I AM Consciousness all will be revealed to you.

It may be difficult for some to accept the Truth as presented at this time, but all you have to do is to go within and feel yourself at peace, and truth will be revealed to you and you will follow along The Path. We know it is difficult and anyone who feels any difficulty will get extra assistance just by asking for it from the legions of Light. It is a glorious feeling when you walk along The Path, no matter where you are, and know that your radiation assists your fellow travelers as there flows from your being that glorious, magnificent radiation of Cosmic Truth.

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We are all ONE in the family of the great I AM. Feel the essence of the Radiation of Cosmic Truth course through your beings, the essence that will wash away all imperfection. But you must accept that radiation… feel it and know that you are being saturated and flooded with Cosmic Truth.

As we go along The Path we find many people who approach us telling us this and telling us that, and claiming truth, and you may wonder… “Could that be Truth?” It may well be true for them, but if it does not agree with your present consciousness then just bless them silently and let them go along their own Way, for that is their experience. As we have said time and time again…

The Truth never changes… it is just the shifts in radiation, the increasing higher vibration which brings it in another form, a form more pertinent for your and the world’s current understanding - but truth is always constant. The Truth of Life abides within you. Take off the shackles of human consciousness, unwrap the ties that bind you. Know that Love is Truth – Truth is Love! Love is in everything, for Love is all there is. Abide in that consciousness of Love Divine and know that Truth walks beside you always.

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Do not be discouraged at any time and should you slip just remember Silence and ask… I AM to reveal the Truth in any situation. You will feel it and you will know it and you will have the conviction and the determination to follow The Path of Truth which is presented to you at all times.

Know that in the Oneness of Being all of us spread the glorious radiation of Truth… let it flow through your beings and the more is the whole universe assisted.
Remember always that I AM is all there is. I AM is Truth. I AM that I AM. I AM Truth!

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom