How are each of you dealing with the new and higher frequencies of energy that are currently being directed in, through and around this beloved planet Earth? There are more and more beings that are becoming consciously aware of the subtle shifts taking place and are observing and utilizing energy in a way that they may have not formerly thought possible. Yet there still remains large numbers of lifestreams that have yet to allow themselves to acknowledge, respond to or even work with these influences in their lives and environment in the needed positive ways.

Remember that all higher energies increase the effect of any and all they come in contact with. If you maintain a happy and positive outlook on life and approach everything with this point of view, then this increased vibration shall continue to improve and make your life and interactions better.

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On the other hand, if you have a difficult time dealing with all your day-to-day experiences, then you may become even more depressed without understanding the reason why. Due to this fact it is extremely important to pay particular attention to your feeling nature and how it may very easily throw you off balance and cause you to misplace your peace and harmony.

Any increase or enhancement in the intensity of energy will cause the reality of your entire being to change whether or not you acknowledge it. Reality is a quality or state of being which encompasses the totality of your existence and that may assist you in finding your true essence… but you must always remember that… “where your attention is, there you are!” So clearly, “reality” is not the same for all people because it will depend upon where we focus our attention. Often people who share the same space and seem to have a close relationship with one another, perceive life in very different ways and therefore personally develop and grow in diverse manners, experience life events differently and have dissimilar levels of consciousness.

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The certainty of unity could become the reality of either beauty, comfort, safety, divine love or a combination of any of these or other qualities. Or the divine essence of unity could be the perfection of the accumulation of everything positive that has ever taken place in all life since the beginning of time, up to and including what is currently happening in this universe that harmonizes, unifies and brings life into a perfect state of oneness. Depending on how you choose to look at life… this may or may not be your reality!

The power of the quality of unity will with time become more apparent for in the not so distant future people everywhere will be given greater and greater opportunities to unify their inner energies. At times these opportunities may come about through what has in the past been thought of as discomfort or disease. But do not despair for this apparent lack of unity is just a mis-alignment at the cellular level. Do no concern yourselves so much with why this is occurring but see it as yet another occasion and opportunity in which to work with the value of unity but this time you can unify and align all your metabolic energies with the pure divine light!

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