This Activity of Light is unique upon the planet. No other organization functions quite like it. It is an inner activity that must also function in the physical world of form. Each individual works at his or her own pace to develop spiritually. All growth that is made is strictly between each individual and God, and the Ascended Masters with whom they work and serve.

Where you stand on the Path and what you need to experience for your future progress cannot be judged by anyone else. The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom shares with you all the principles, tools and teachings given to and through this Activity. It is then up to you to learn, develop, and then assist in the rapid expansion of these ideas so that others who desire to learn can also receive the teachings.



As members of this Organization we must always be there for one another—to support and to comfort when necessary; to share experiences and discuss the principles that are involved, showing each other by example, how best to put the teachings into practice in one’s daily life. You must be both teacher and student! It is not always an easy path but one that-when you choose to follow it-changes your life forever!

All that is required from you is right desire and the willingness to serve. At the very moment you turn your attention to the greatest good of all life and ask to be of assistance the “Golden Door of Opportunity” shall open wide before you. You will then be able to access all the wonderful gifts and blessings stored within your Causal Body.

At the point on the Path where you now stand, the greatest understanding is that humankind can no longer separate themselves from others. This includes all life that has evolved upon this planet—the entire elemental and animal kingdoms, every angel in embodiment and most especially, every member of the Human Family.



All life is connected beloved ones. You have no idea of the importance of everything a person thinks, says, feels and does. The magnificent sphere of influence that surrounds you, that you lovingly maintain and nurture each and every day, can either be an incredibly powerful force of good or a very negative influence upon you or those around you. The choice is up to you!

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom