The natural rhythm of your Spiritual Identity or "I AM" Presence is contained within the Flame of the heart and the natural activity of life is to release this energy in perfect harmony with that rhythm - in even the process of walking or speaking and the most mundane activity of daily work or play. 

While individuals are cognizant of this natural rhythm they perform the services of the outer life with very great grace and beauty, and even their physical bodies outpicture the natural harmony of their selves, even in our modern days. Previous to this all of the evolving lifestreams were conscious of this rhythm and it was indescribably easier for the soul, the body and the Divine to function in such places because the natural vibration of the spirit and soul is the conductor of all the gifts and powers and activities and intelligences of the Realm of Perfection. 

A requisite for finding one's own natural rhythm again is time undivided, preferably in the presence of nature where the Breath can be slowed down and the heart-beat sensed and felt, and the mind stilled. When one comes to that sense of "rest in action" they will understand the meaning of the Great Silence, and then the endeavor of the earnest one should be to carry that rhythm with them as they walk through the Sanctuary of the Silence into the world of form. It does not matter how much a lifestream does or how rapidly they accelerate this rhythm, but it is indescribably important that they not break this rhythm, or in the case of the Western world, when it is broken and when they again find it - that they abide in it and work from it to accomplishment. 

You know when you are learning anything it is better to practice it slowly at first, and then accelerate the tempo when you can master the subject. Humanity for the greater part lives in a world of fragmented rhythm. We associate daily with workers who are endeavoring to accomplish projects in an atmosphere where the inner sound is like that in a bustling factory and this discord takes its toll on the sensitive chela... but if one can maintain their own rhythm within that dissonance it creates the "world" we so desire and you live in a harmony that is more than words... it is fact.

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom