The Master Hilarion speaks.......

Energy and Vibration

We know that pure Electronic Light fills the Universe. How does man use this substance!

He knows when he places his fingers on the keys of a typewriter or other mechanical device the thought he wishes to imprint on paper will manifest. In a similar manner the keyboard of a piano or other musical instruments will produce a melody, and that energy will flow through the Universe magnifying a similar vibration.

The Elemental Kingdom is an example of the use of this Force: the Water Element brings surcease from drought; adversely a flood is the result of man’s misuse of this Element. The Fire Element is everywhere and is a benefaction. In the case of lightning, the atmosphere is purified, or through a destructive use on man’s part can fell a tree or cause a conflagration of tremendous magnitude. The Earth in conjunction with all its components should be an abode of Perfection. Humanity through his actions has polluted its substance. The atmosphere is filled with negative toxin, which the Air Element is constantly purifying; the Fire Element blesses all in its multitudinous actions.

The Restoration of this Planet is in the hands of humanity. All know that what a man thinks, nourished by his feelings, will manifest in a similar manner. It is imperative that all chelas carefully control their thought processes and live as has been ordained and let all the Virtues and Qualities which are inherent in his True Reality express at all times; using his thought through the mind process in whatever Aspect may be required in a given situation.

I counsel you, each one, to respect the Holy Breath, the Spirit of Life, and proceed on your journey to bless and restore this Planet, wearing always a garment of Pure Divine Love.

Blessing you with the All Pervading Light of the Universe of which “I AM” One Component.

In cooperative service,

“I AM” Hilarion
Chohan of the Fifth


The Fifth Ray of Healing , Truth, Consecration and Consecration. Click here to read about the Rays.

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It is time to turn our attention to the Beings of the Elements and to the gratitude they deserve for their selfless service to the evolutions evolving upon the Earth. No human being can exist without the Fire, Air, Water and Earth Element! These elements comprise our garments. The element of Water makes up the greatest part of our lower vehicles in that it makes up our emotional nature. Do you not think it expedient to make peace with this element upon which so much discord has been imposed through pollution of every kind? This is also true of the other elements too!

When we truly call upon the Law of Forgiveness for our own transgressions against the gnomes, the undines, the sylphs and the salamanders, the fiery element of creation which beats our hearts will expand and literally burst forth from our heartcenters radiating forth the Universal Presence of the Divine—I AM THAT I AM—to all life.

The Water Element respects this radiation and bows in benediction. In fact all the Elements respect the Divine magnificent Virtues flowing forth in this manner and begin to imitate this activity in their own unique way further spreading divine gifts and blessings throughout the planet further lifting and raising the Earth into perfection.

Take a lesson from the beautiful birds that fly so gracefully through the air. They are conscious always of the currents therein to facilitate their flight in safety. As they travel the Earth along the currents of the Divine Virtues they buoyantly and joyously dispense these gifts further widening the borders of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Through eons of time humanity has violated the substance of the elements and the time has come when this imbalance must be corrected. Everything in, through, and around the Earth and throughout the Universe will assist us in our continued service of calling for the purification of the elements from the discord which has been imposed upon them—battering and buffeting them through the ages.

Having some knowledge of Spiritual Law we are required to assist in the healing of the elements. Conscious of the gifts and blessings bestowed upon us by our Mother-Father God our gratitude and reverence for life will naturally radiate from our beings. The earth provides us a platform upon which to walk through this world; water quenches our thirst and provides many other beneficial services such as generating power and cleansing our bodies; we drink deeply of the air element all the days of our lives constantly receiving oxygen to keep us alive; and finally, we acknowledge the fire element without which there could be no life. These elements are always ready and willing to render service to us but to maintain this balance, gratitude and respect must come from us!

Let us begin now! Become a radiating center of peace so that the continued cooperation of the elements will ensue and we will truly experience the beauty of serving the Eternal Light of the Cosmos while we yet travel the Earth plane.

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom