The following excerpt from a Letter which I released a few years ago is particularly apropos at this time and I believe will be of assistance to you individually:

“The two worlds in which man lives – Elemental and Divine – are continually vying for your attention, especially as you each make yet another attempt to rise above the elements of your being to restore your conscious awareness of the Kingdom of God. The more things of the earth that are absorbed – both physically and spiritually – the greater the burden for your vehicles to bear; and the greater the “weight”, the more will it claim your attention… and where your attention is, there you are! This is, of course, an unnatural state and the correct balance of the elements of your being must be restored, before the Spiritual Being within that physical vehicle – you – may once again soar free in consciousness.

This is a natural desire of all embodied lifestreams, and they are constantly being reminded of this higher state of being when in their finer bodies (the etheric vehicle) during the sleep state. Thus everyone seeks to return to their Spiritual Source, looking to outer world sources rather than to their own, oblivious of the fact that their true salvation lies within their heart, where the true Sun of God awaits recognition. Even though the Presence of God is pulsating in, through, and around you at all times, it is unable to penetrate into those cells in the physical vehicle which have been blocked with human effluvia, be it yours or that which has been absorbed from others.

To assist you in achieving God-mastery, there was provided for you the third member of the Holy Trinity – the Holy Spirit. This Spirit Essence, called Prana, is provided for the express purpose of giving to each one an easy way to cleanse, raise, and purify the four lower vehicles… through the simple act of breathing!

With each breath you take, and according to the way you breathe, you draw into your vehicles the Prana of Life; thus it has become known as the Holy Breath. Through breathing you can remove completely all tension, effluvia, and the many emotional blocks which chain you to earth. Many seek to cleanse the physical vehicle through the diet, while others use exercise or even Yoga. These methods, of course, apply predominately to the physical vehicle. Water may cleanse the body – be it from within or without – but the true cleansing comes from breathing deeply, and rhythmically, the Prana of the Holy Spirit.

Remember this as you tread the Way of God; and consciously place your attention on the Activity of the Holy Spirit as you breathe in deeply the richness of Life from the Universal Source. With each breath taken, you will find much of the tensions in life just slipping away and this is where you will realize true comfort. Have you not often wondered as to why the Holy Spirit should be called the “Holy Comforter”?

Bless the Sylphs of the Air, who bring their gift to you laden with the Life Essence of the Holy Spirit of God – a continuing lifelong gift to ensure that you will always have the means and the method to overcome dense matter, and its accompanying restrictive effluvia.

Breathe in deeply now, and receive from the beloved Maha Chohan and I, our Blessings, as we enfold you in our combined Love to transform and remove all that would hinder you in your daily journey upon Life’s Spiritual Path.”

“I AM” in Spirit,
Æolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit


© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom