No matter what one’s religious belief or spiritual environment there usually comes a time when the trials and tribulations of the outer world (or personal) fills our souls and beings with great compassion, thus transforming tremendous tragedy into a victorious accomplishment to experience and share with the universe for the highest good of all. When this process begins we may be overwhelmed with feelings of hesitation, doubt or disbelief. Prompting questions of: why is this happening? How could so many suffer? What is the purpose of this upheaval? We must then come to terms with what the guiding forces are that appear and offer us the opportunity for growth and continued enlightenment. Each minute tentative step in our life no matter how unsteady or strong builds upon our spiritual journey and assists in our lighting the way for all around us.

River of Life

These sacred experiences also allow us to find the faith and strength to begin and then to continue the search for these time honored answers to the many questions that come to the surface during these times of change and difficulty, thus offering us once again an opportunity to be ever present in the here and now, and to focus once more on the necessary spiritual and life changing quest which we all need to undertake. This allows us to go directly to the heart of what “God, Allah, Yahweh, the Higher Power or the Great Universal Consciousness, I Am that I AM” is, by-passing and searching beyond a specific religion’s rules to become the truly “spiritual” being. We are now confronted with the two fundamental aspects, which is: God is energy and consciousness.

With this knowledge you are able to comprehend that God/The Divine exists in all things and therefore all is made up of this energy and consciousness. In the great scheme of things the Earth is a very small part of the universal divine plan, however, the level of energy we are able to tap into and our ability to use it well and expand it outward speaks to our place in the “bigger picture” or the Divine intend. For we all are aware that “where our attention is, there we are” and “where you are so shall you become!”

Take a small period of time as often as you can each day to work with these all important concepts of “energy and consciousness”. Remain aware of how you direct energy, especially positive energy, and its immediate affect on all around you (smile and greet the checkout person), pay attention to the level of consciousness of others as well as yourself. Remember that energy is the life force upon which all things in the universe are based and consciousness determines its place in the universe. Place these principles on the altar of your heart and hold them sacred, for once anything is lovingly and purely placed there it will begin to grow and expand. Thus, over time you will find yourself becoming more loving, more supportive, more peaceful, more harmonious, more forgiving and more compassionate of yourself and all life you touch. And, be assured you touch all life!

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