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The Body of Love

Impersonal love goes deep into the recesses of our beings and loves the energy free. Love is like a mother cuddling her baby. Love returns self-respect to the lifestream and the courage to rise and go onward on the path of life, fulfilling our divine plan.  Love is the safest way to overcome negativity. Combined with God’s Will, the Blue Flame, it becomes the reliable Violet Fire. Dwelling in pure love does make us invincible, because the law states, that where the consciousness ties into that is where the attention is directed too. There can be no negativity in pure love. Trust and follow the Law. The Third Ray of Love contains the synthesis of all energy, that will bring life together for a time, for a cause and often forever. It enables the consciousness to recognize itself in the so called “other” and will never make the mistake again to separate itself from all the manifestations of life. Love always wants to claim its own. Love is at the core of everything.

If the love of one being is directed to anything outside himself, the love in that other being or ‘thing’ immediately responds. It prepares the way for the unification by recognizing itself in the other. Like two drops of water become one. When enough drops of water unify, a stream originates, and then a river. When enough beings of light unify together in love, you get a Body of Love wielding love to claim more and more of itself its own. The power of love will eventually bring all life back into the ‘Heart of God’. Human consciousness can resist love for a time, sometimes for a considerable period of time, but in the end it has to surrender, when love claims its own. Love always carries within itself the wish to serve, as you know. You can witness this all around you. Love wants to pour out itself and nourish all its “loved ones”, which includes everything. LOVE INCLUDES EVERYTHING. It is only human consciousness, which introduced exclusivity, and is proud about this.  You have to transmute this completely. LOVE ALL LIFE!