In a way you are a divine quality yourself. Many, if not all of the Rays are represented in your Causal Body. You dedicate your life to one or more of the qualities, and finally you give so much effort and attention to establish the blessings of that quality on Earth, that you Become It! Remember, where your attention is, there you are. Let us now observe some specific qualities:

One of the most important qualities to develop is: Patience. Patience is the only quality that holds your energies in check. In this physical world of ever changing circumstances and possibilities, stress tries to wear you out. The peace and harmony of the Great Silence is easily disturbed, when you return to your day to day occupations. The bombarding of thoughts and feelings from the mass-consciousness and your returning negative energy try to intrude and attract your attention by many things not of God. Be vigilant. The awareness, that there is a Higher Will directing your life gives you strength to rely on patience. When things fail momentary in your life do not be discouraged, but have faith that everything has a meaning, perhaps just for applying patience. It commands the energies to stay within the boundaries of Godís Will. In this case the directions of your Holy Christ Self to fulfill the divine plan. With patience in control, nothing but perfection and harmony will radiate forth.

It also gives the consciousness time to recharge the energies and contemplate new ways to explore life and overcome obstacles. Patience is the guardian and sustainer of harmony keeping the lifestream on the Buddhic Path (the Path of Unity and Service - nothing to do with Buddhism) towards its ever growing unity with all life.  It gives the power back to the indwelling Spirit of God, so that energy will not be wasted. If you need help to master this quality, ask the Beloved Sanat Kumara, the Cosmic embodiment of Patience.

When your lower vehicles do not ask anything for themselves anymore, when they are calm, poised and in perfect equilibrium, then they reflect the perfection of your Holy Christ Self and are able to release the good of your Causal Body here on earth today and forever. Because the focus of your consciousness is always going upward and where your attention is there you are.