The most important and strongest quality in this universe is: Love. And humankind needs it so much. Many are still on the level of consciousness, that they only can return already received love from somebody else. You have to learn to give love 24 hours a day without any hope of return. Sowing, sowing, and sowing love in so many bitter hearts by the rejecting of returning karma. The energy of love will give them the opportunity of learning how to forgive and let go. As you know, love is the cohesive power of the universe. The force, that stands against the destructive powers of the negative force.  The lesser powers of illusion, which are powerful enough in their own territory. Those among you, who wish to become this power in action, meditate upon this quality and ask the assistance of Beloved Holy Ćolus, the Cosmic Holy Spirit.

Love the Sacred Tone is sounding and resounding through this universe claiming life its own. Unifying, unifying and unifying all vibrations of the same kind, making it whole and an instrument of God’s Will on this planet. As you know God’s Will is perfection for all life. Manifest that perfection in thought, feeling, word and action, by practicing Love. When you analyze the energy of love you notice a power like a magnet, but so specified that it attracts only atoms of the same kind. How purer the love the more atoms of a higher vibration are attracted. Once started the attraction never stops again, unless a self conscious being alters the creation by using energy of a certain kind. And so we behold the creation of so many things we…….Love! The love energy is taking away the hidden pain of past experiences, which all lifestreams have to endure.