The main task of the Body of Light is to protect and sustain the physical form or creation for which it is responsible. The clearest example of a body of light is your etheric body. It keeps the divine pattern or plan for your physical body during the entire lifecycle of this body and attempts as much as possible, and allowed by Cosmic Law to outpicture the divine plan. Hence its close connection with the silent watcher of your body, the body elemental.

The Silent Watchers of landscapes, cities, oceans and countries hold the immaculate concept for their specific location of the earth and are looking for responsive beings, who are able and willing to manifest a part of the divine plan for that area. Those individuals are forming the body of light for a period of time until the divine plan has been accomplished. The Body of Light has always the responsibility to assist in the establishment and acceleration of the divine plan of the project on the physical plane it is engaged in. The intensity of energy and speed of manifestation of the divine plan depend on the amount of lifestreams, who are open to the promptings of the Body of Light as well as the amount of incarnated conscious members of this Body.


In the Octaves of Light, expansion of consciousness is the main purpose. When you have reached the ultimate expansion in unison with other Ascended Beings, you try to manifest this momentum in projects in the world of form. That is the reason why the Masters always affirm, that you are Their eyes, hearts and hands in the worlds of form. An Ascended master does not need one body to manifest Him/Herself, but directs His/Her energies in unison with others from the Octaves of Light into a “Body” of chelas, human beings, or humanity. (S)he just adds His/Her energies for the highest good of all concerned and furthers any part of God’s Divine Plan for our Planet or any other Planet in the System of our Mother-Father God.

The Ascended Beings are very much accustomed and comfortable to serve in groups for a common good. Temporary or for long periods of time. Those Groups can be very small at times. Remember the Creation of our planet by the Seven Elohim. Of course, the manifestation is not done by Them alone. Countless groups of Devas and Elementals have assisted Them to fulfillment. However, the initial Creation has been done by the Seven Steps of Precipitation by the Mighty Elohim. A magnificent “Body of Light”.