All life is longing to be free and perfect. When you clear the atmosphere with Violet Fire and keep this process going on for 24 hours a day you offer the Ascended and Cosmic Beings concerned with the evolution of this Planet, a great opportunity to use your vehicles for world service. It is not necessary to actually think about Violet Fire for 24 hours, but compare it with a fly-wheel, which will turn for a considerable time after the initial push and will continue to do so if you turn it at certain fixed times. Focus your attention on the Violet Fire at fixed times during the day and keep it blazing around you. When the emotional body is purified enough to radiate most of the time beautiful and elevating feelings, it begins to outpicture the splendor of the Buddhic plane, the oneness of all life. When the Christ Self qualifies such a body with any perfect feeling, it has a tremendous impact on the "Body of Light" and does in that way much to elevate the mass-consciousness.

For those, who do not know the meaning of the "Body of Light": it is the combined consciousness of all selfless beings, who work for the overall good. The "Lightworkers" of this Planet. When you acknowledge the Christ in anyone of your fellow travelers on the path of life, you encourage them to respond. That is one of the reasons the Masters ask you to visualize the channel between the heart and the mind of other people. In this way you facilitate their inner Christ to take command over their lifestreams.



The circumstances of your daily life are a reaction of your outer self to the energies and vibrations, which enter your world as a result of causes you initiated in the past. There are no circumstances, only energies and vibrations, and your reactions upon them. You can alter these "circumstances" by causing pure and perfect energies and vibrations. Eventually these energies  will manifest in the world of form into perfect "circumstances." Try to think and act in terms of radiation and light, and not so much in conditions and things, or the changing of circumstances. Your Presence is your reason for being, and His/Her Light is accepted by the "Golden Man," your Holy Christ Self. It is the Light of Divine Mind, that will rule your inner and outer life now, if you let it.

The main work in the Octaves of Light is molding energy into form. Receiving thoughtforms from the Superiors about projects that have to be established within a certain period of time. Finding receptive lifestreams, who are open as emissaries to channel the energies into form. When the veil of maya has been removed this process will be much easier, because the individual is then able to perceive the scope of the plan. The importance of being alive, fulfilling your divine plan, is to give an example to life how your specific interpretation of Love, Wisdom and Power will manifest in the world of form. An additional melody of harmony and beauty in the symphony of life.



The control over your lower bodies is a tenacious and ongoing work. Find your balance in  Infinity. From here it is easy to direct your body. Your I AM Presence is infinite. So grow to HIM/HER to explore all that is infinite. Reflect your discoveries in your bodies. Let them  outpicture the Wisdom and beauty of Eternal Life. Because growth is enfolding slowly and, one  step at a time, it is sometimes difficult for you to perceive where you stand and what you  have accomplished. Behold the presence of the God qualities your Christ Self is wielding  through your lifestream. The tolerance and forgiveness you show in the presence of negative  thoughts and feelings. The absence of thoughts and feelings of retaliation, after a few  moments of discomfort and sadness, which may still manifest at times in your feelings. Your natural application of the Violet Fire at all times shows then that you are well on your way  to eternal balance. When you "let go and let God," you become more and more attuned to Divine  Mind. The so called "problems" of your world begin to fade and loose their threat and danger,  and you begin to discern Truth in all life. Let Divine Mind take over your outer life by  ALWAYS being in the Silence. You can also call it: "To be in the world, but not of it."

When the focus of your attention is more and more drawn towards your Presence, you begin to realize what it is you have to perform in your sphere of influence. Although your Presence is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed, you are the executer of these actions, which have to be done.

Service enables the Cosmic and Ascended Beings to use the Body of Light as a FOCUS to expand and accelerate Divine Principle in the hearts of all humankind.



The beauty of the higher Octaves of Light is overwhelming. You are drawn by the law of  attraction to the same kind of vibrations that you emit yourself to levels of love,  compassion, healing, power, etc. Your own keynote will blend in perfectly, in these realms,  by the law of least resistance. You need to make an effort to put your attention on other  planes of existence if you want to be there.

To reflect the grace and perfection of Eternal Life, you have to focus on that you wish to  become. Make your aura strong, so that no negative energies are able to disturb your inner  balance ever again. You know you will be tested again and again, till you have mastered this  lesson.

The waves of Light, which spiral their way from the sun downwards through the Seven Spheres,  actually never leave their Source. How far and magnificent their achievements and faculties  may be in the form worlds, the nourishment and anchorage has always been and shall always be  in the Great Silence of the Source I AM THAT I AM! Like a tree, which is rooted in the earth.  How tall, strong and magnificent it will grow, it always receives  its nourishment from the  earth. How taller the tree, the more expanded the roots and how stronger it is established in  the earth. How greater evolved a spiritual being, the stronger (S)He is rooted in the Great  Source and how more of the miracles and glory (S)He can manifest in His/Her Sphere of  influence, be it a city, a country, a planet or a universe.

Just like the white light of the sun needs a crystal to divide into colors, so does the White  Light of the Presence need a focus to divide: One Energy, One Vibration and One Consciousness  into the many colored faculties, powers and consciousness. In our universe we are accustomed  with the division in: one-three-seven-infinite. The one Light divides in the three primary  colors: Pink, Gold and Blue, which become the Seven Rays, Spheres and bodies, which each  divide in seven, etc. We learned that each Sphere has its main Quality, that subdivides in  seven. So we have 49 qualities of perfection, some dormant and some very vividly alive in our  being. And they all have to be developed. It is a long, but very beautiful journey.

The Seven Spheres of perfection are for our Mother-Father God, what our seven bodies are for  us. By expanding our consciousness and experimenting with our creativity, we expand "the  Borders of the Kingdom," which means that we develop something new and original, which was  not present before in the exact same form.

When you look outside in the night and admire the splendor of the stars and planets in the  universe, you explore the boundaries of your outer view. You can also look inside and explore  the boundaries of your inner sight, which will become 'in-sight.' How much of these  'energy-fields' can you perceive, and how strong is your endurance to connect with these  energy fields? This will give you insight of your inner world and the inner worlds of  other's. In reality of course, the "inside" is as infinite as the "outside".



Loving all life by accepting the many different levels of consciousness and the many stages  of learning and discerning, you accept the diversity of embodied life and revere their  efforts for good. Holding the immaculate concept and expanding every attempt to do well in  any part of life, you enhance their evolution and follow God's Will. Because all life is so  dependent on each other and united in the oneness of life, it is necessary that humankind  becomes aware of this fact. When the Body of Light can express this Unity strong enough on  the mass-consciousness, it will be accomplished.

Ever growing, ever expanding, with periods of rest. The 'inbreath' and 'outbreath' of  eternal life. The joy of service becomes such an overwhelming part of your life, because you  have chosen this life by your own free will and you enjoy the work you do with so many others  in a consciousness of unity. The natural growth of perfect things takes time. The outer self  has to deal with time. Time is included in it's very existence, which is limitation. When it is engaged  in a project, it wants to see the results immediately. However, your I AM Presence is engaged  in projects which oversee lifetimes of many lifestreams.

Distraction is one of the greatest obstacles of spiritual growth. Distraction from the Divine  Principles and getting tied up in personal matters, desires of any kind and "old karma." They  are the well-known 'flowers,' which grow at the sidewalk, tempting the pilgrim to stop, smell  their perfume and enjoy their beauty. You have to learn to look through the 'eyes of  eternity,' experiencing the Beauty of the Law in any circumstance or thing. Loving all,  without being attached to anything.

Learn to serve in anonymity, then your outer self cannot claim all the Energies of the Higher  Realms, which enter your chalice. They are not going to the self, but THROUGH the self to  transmute the outer miscreations. Sometimes it comprises the withdrawal of your outer  occupations or profession, although this is not a requirement. It means the complete  surrender of the lower self to the 'Father' within, the Doer, the Doing and the Deed.




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