Then there are “Bodies of Light”, that establish the “blue prints” of Solar Systems or Central Solar Systems. It extends into infinity, hence the importance to already now become accustomed to the idea to work in groups for multiple projects. It will develop your skills in certain areas even more. 

When you focus your attention on your I AM Presence your consciousness is being attuned to the Rhythm of Eternity. There is no “hurry” in infinity. However, Cosmic Projects have to be fulfilled and because you are embodied in the world of form, you have to give your utmost cooperation.  

Through the Eyes of your Presence the Planet Earth revolves in the center of “waves of energy”. Positive and negative. On places where the positive waves are stronger than the negative, all changes required for the New Age are taking place smoothly. Where the negative forces equal or are stronger, you witness an uproar of energy, which results in cataclysmic reaction on the physical surface of the Earth, warfare, or other physical disturbance. Here lies your opportunity. Combine your forces with the Powers of Light in the Body of Light to transmute as much negativity as you are capable of.

The Body of Light is a very sensitive forcefield around any physical material or project, which gives at any time the exact amount of energy of a certain kind to revive or revivify a certain result onto the screen of life. Too much energy might damage the effect and too little might not be enough to accomplish the necessary aims. Hence the requirement of perfect balance in the Threefold Flame of all the attendants in the Body of Light. Patience and faith for the perfect opportunity, which will come are necessary qualities in the equipment of any member of this Body.

You are accustomed with the idea, that the organs and cells of your physical body have their own “separate” physical life. It is your will - for them the will of god - that directs the totality of physical consciousness into places and conditions, which is for the highest benefit of all concerned. Or so it should be. When you are an Ascended Master, your consciousness oversees the consciousness of societies, world projects, countries or even whole continents. It becomes part of you, a Body. Just like your physical body is “a part of you” now.

As different cells form an organ, and an organ has a specific function in the body, so do different “cells” in the Body of Light also form “organs” with a specific function in the Body of Light. However, it can happen that the cells of one organ have to fulfill a major function in another organ, because there is a shortage of energy available at a given time. Therefore, a swift alteration of energies and purposes are necessary at that time. This is one of the reasons chelas have to develop along all of the Seven Rays to attain Mastery. You never know when your assistance is needed at any time. 

Your personal sanctuary will become a forcefield of great power. Therefore ask for protection around this forcefield, so that it will not damage your family members by over stimulation. Spiritual power stimulates EVERY faculty in your loved ones, positive as well as negative. So ask the Elohim of the First Ray Beloved Hercules for protection against too much light in your world, and ask for protection against the inflow of the negative force. Remember: the more light, the sharper and clearer the shadows. Recognize it and transmute it. Your keynote and divine plan are crucial for the harmony of the Planet. When your keynote is blended in the Body of Light it can be used by anybody when the need arises.

What your Christ Self can do for you, the Body of Light can do for humankind. The ecstasy, love reverence, enthusiasm, which are radiating through your lifestream by your Holy Christ Self can be expanded through the Body of Light when you are alert and immediately direct your attention to this Body, when you have these experiences. In this way, you accelerate the evolution of all humankind.

When you unify yourself with the chelas in the Body of Light, your I AM Presence is also unifying Him/Herself as an individualized God Being with the I AM Presences of all the chelas of the Body of Light. Remember: One Body, One Consciousness and One Vibration. As below, so Above. The unification of consciousness with a Greater Consciousness will always continue.

Imagine a network of light all around the Planet, which is radiating all the colors of the rainbow. These colors emerge from this Body in hues of light to carry out their beneficial service to the need at hand. This ongoing work continues 24 hours a day, also when the physical body is asleep and even the outer consciousness needs not always be aware of this. The commitment to the Light and the surrender of the human will to the greater good is sufficient to be a humble part of the Body of Light. This Body is also often used by the Ascended and Cosmic Beings to enhance the spiritual evolution of the Earth. You may have wondered why this Body means so much to the Planet and can do so much to enhance the light of God in all life? It is because of the responsibility of the individual “cells” Their willingness and joy of service enables the Cosmic and Ascended Beings to use the Body of Light as a FOCUS to expand and accelerate Divine Principle in the hearts of all humankind.

Inner work is always a form of working with energy and radiation. A complex Entity like the Body of Light for a Planet is connected by multiple expressions of the same energy to establish the various tasks at hand. Because it is always the same energy, all the different members of the Body of Light are quickly competent to tap into the correct color and radiation of the Flame. Whether it is love or healing, patience or courage, illumination or transformation. They are all aspects of the One Sacred Fire. When you focus your attention on any of the Major Rays, all of the qualities of that Ray pass through your lifestream. If you concentrate upon one of these attributes: for instance tolerance, you expand this quality in your world and also in the Body of Light.