The Body of Light is the sustainer of form. It is the instrument that carries out the love of the Mother-Father God for Their Creations. This Love that motivates all members, who partake by their own freewill, holds the Creation together and stimulates it to refine and expand itself into ever more beauty and perfection. When you as an individual serve in the Body of Light, you realize that your personal life is rapidly coming to a close, and your Cosmic Work has begun.

When you are serving in this Body, you do not feel as if you are working together with other beings for a common goal, but you ARE that Body of Light, as much as your consciousness can contain on that moment. Just like your body consciousness is not feeling like a conglomerate of cells and organs, but as a whole body. A total new experience. This feeling of oneness expresses as ever-growing intensified energy and vibration. It is something totally new.

Now you have to expand your consciousness to the One Consciousness of the Body of Light. A Cosmic Vehicle. The Vehicle of the Cosmic Christ. Later on you will learn to work with the “Bodies of Light” of other Planets and further with the “Body of Light” of this Solar System, and then this Universe. There is no end as you discern by now.

The power and efficiency of the Body of Light depends on the evolutionary stage of its individual members and also the amount of members. The more individuals, the more power can be transmitted. Compare it with the lights of a Christmas tree. The more lights are available the higher voltage can be used.

The powers of light always have to consider the balance of the amount of energy the chelas as a group are able to endure and send forth. However, as a group they can transmit quite some inflow from the forces of Light. The stronger and purer the members of this Body become, the more power, love , wisdom and all the multiple colors of the Seven Rays can be transmitted. This is the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom created for all life to ascend into the Higher Realms.

Be aware, that as you grow in the Light, you are always part of a greater whole. You become connected with beings of the same interests and about the same evolutionary development as yourself, and with other higher developed beings of light. Your connection might be temporary or permanent, in agreement to the freewill choice of both parties.