Generally, the spiritual association stays permanent, because the service on Cosmic Levels can be extended beyond enormous periods of time. And so communities become planetary bodies, solar schemes and universal forcefields. All by freewill and in perfect cooperation with the Divine Will and the Divine Plan of the Great Cosmic Day.

Serving in the Body of Light you have to consider the following: The “Light of God” is distributed in perfect balance to all life. There are many levels of consciousness for absorbing, assimilating and expanding the light. The flower that grows in the shadow of a tree cannot bear the pressure of the sunlight, which is necessary for the flower that grows in the desert sun. However, they reveal their beauty wherever they are and expand the beauty of the Father’s Kingdom.

So do not judge wherever a lifestream is situated to fulfill his/her divine plan. Everything in the cosmos needs time to grow. You may have a hearts desire of which you are not even conscious yet, but it will grow and finally press through the veil. Then you are conscious of the Inner Urge, which directed you in a certain way, which only now becomes obvious to you. The reception and energizing of divine ideas and plans will continue to direct you to ever-wider horizons of splendor and glory wherever your energies are needed to widen the “Borders of the Kingdom”.  


Every quality can be enhanced by the Body of Light. As a chela of the Holy Spirit you know, that the full power of the Third Ray is Divine Love. It is the Love Nature of your Mother-Father God you have to unleash over the world. One with the Body of Light and invoking the help of your task force of angels, the Elohim, the Archangels and the Chohan of the Third Ray, a Power can be generated that really can LOVE THE EARTH FREE. However, the keyword is: PERSEVERANCE.

The extreme weather conditions and turbulence, which are currently rampant on the Earth can be greatly minimized and healed, when the Body of Light intensifies her Love and Gratitude for the service of the elements. When this happens rhythmically, such a strong flow of light and love will emerge, that even the “Garden of Eden” can be restored.

The function of the chelas of light in conjunction with the Body of Light for the mass-consciousness is very much akin to the service of the Ascended Beings to the chelas. It is an attempt to accelerate the vibratory activity of their four lower vehicles and to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. The few are leading the many. Use the symbol of the pyramid for enlightenment. Meditate on it.

When you become more and more sensitive in your four lower vehicles, you really become aware of the “pressure” of embodied life. You realize that You, the “Body of Light” have to carry the “weight of the Earth”. The sculptor, who made “Atlas”, who is carrying the world, was an inspired man. Now YOU are Atlas, because dear one, you have chosen to SERVE! The well-being of the Planet Earth is greatly depended on the light dispensed by the Body of Light. Attuned with this Body, you will feel the needs of Lady Virgo and enfold her with the blessings and love through this Body. It is all a matter of expansion of consciousness: ”See the Earth through the Eyes of God”.