The bridge of light you created between your Holy Christ Self and your conscious mind will deepen and expand every time you put your attention on the Octaves of Light. The bridge of love you created between your Holy Christ and your I AM Presence will deepen every time you put your attention on your Mother-Father God. The bridge of power you are creating between your I AM Presence and your Mother-Father God will deepen every time you put your attention on serving Their Divine Plan for this Earth. On this moment of time, your service is related with the Body of Light.

The focus of your consciousness shifts when you climb the Spiritual Path. First, you experience yourself as a separate being, wielding power, love and wisdom. Later you experience yourself as the Body of Light serving the Planet Earth. Then, if you decide to stay on Earth, you will experience yourself as the Earth with all the evolutions developing in, through and around Her Bodies. Just like this moment, you feel yourself at one with your physical body, reading these lines on this paper.  

Learning to experience yourself as a complex being consisting out of many lifestreams is a complete different perception. The many become the One. The little selves are no more. The interaction of personalities has become the experience in the Now of the Great I AM THAT I AM. The Body of Light is the first step of Unity. The next step is your unification with the humanity of this Planet. YOU ARE this humanity when you serve from the level of I AM THAT I AM.

 When you direct your attention upward, you become aware of the many Cosmic Beings, Who are working with and through you, as the Body of Light, to raise the vibratory action of this Planet. Later you realize that there are many more “Bodies of Light”, who want to co-serve with you for the Well-Being of the complete Planetary Scheme of Helios and Vesta. Always search for a higher goal, a higher meaning in what you do or are involved in. Every planet in the Solar System has its own Body of Light and even the Sun Itself. Beyond extends the Body of Light of the entire Solar Scheme. These Bodies of Light also serve as the Vehicle of the Silent Watchers.

When we close our ceremonies with the “Closing Acolyte Service”, we say: “We acknowledge and accept the oneness of all life and in humility; we vow to serve forever as pulsations in the Body of Light, I AM THAT I AM!” That is what we are: “pulsations in the Body of Light, I AM THAT I AM.” Comprehend, that these pulsations can be electrons, human beings, Archangels, Suns or Central Suns... The Body of Light extends into Infinity as is, “I AM THAT I AM”. In addition, how far can you expand the Body of Light? As far as your creative ability and imagination can bring you. Always be attentive of the complexity of unification of limitless lifestreams, and the experience as if it is only you (the Great I AM THAT I AM), who observes this. As you know, every Higher being enfolds multiple less-evolved beings, and this continues into Infinity. So you are receiving Blessings and Radiations, on this very moment, from Beings, you will never come to know. Just as the consciousness of one of your blood cells will never come to know the blessings and radiations of you, because you both evolve.