A “Body of Light” is always a very adroit “instrument” to manifest divine “blue-prints” on the screen of life into the world of form. This might be etheric or physical substance. On many planets, physical life descends no further than the etheric planes. Only on various planets, physical bodies were decided to be necessary. The evolution with the use of physical bodies makes the lifestream tremendously strong, when (s)he finally reaches the ascension. It is the heaviness and slow response of physical matter that forces the incarnated consciousness to act in strength as well as in courage. In this “Body” you are directed to perform certain things, are open for radiation of a certain kind, aimed at directions you have no idea of. The fact, that you have totally committed yourself to do the Will of God no matter what, makes you a perfect channel for this same Will to carry out. The specific qualities of any member in this “Body” greatly enhance the efficacy of the whole, because any Ascended Being can expand these qualities to the level as the whole body can endure to affect certain needs or crises anywhere on the Planet.

You might also compare the Body of Light as ‘a mother’s womb’. Everything what is going to happen will take place there. The creation is taking form cell by cell, organ by organ, until the “perfect” form is ready for manifestation. In the Body of Light ideas and ‘blue prints’ are molded into the necessary form for manifestation. It is all a matter of perfect on-lined cooperation. It is a very sensitive Body. A living Body of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. The many ‘cells’ and ‘organs’, that form the ‘Body of God’. Ever expanding, ever perfecting, ever more magnificent for the Higher Glory of the Kingdom of God.

The most important thing for the individual, who wants to serve in the Body of Light, is to let go of the concept of division, of I and the other, of competition and ambition. There is nothing like this in the Great Silence of I AM THAT I AM. Everything evolves and develops in its own rhythm one step at a time. You will be directed to that group or those individuals you can serve at your best on the physical plane, while you overcome your weaknesses and learn the group work. Your specific group service makes you adequate for more intricate group service in the future. Your skills in various ways will be exploited to the fullest when you are working to fulfill your divine plan. Your personal needs are no longer an issue for you, because you know now, by all the tests you endured about this subject, that God [ I AM THAT I AM] always looks after His/Her own. Service FOREVER is the keynote. In what form and in which group is totally up to the freewill choice of the individual.

If your bodies are purified enough and you concentrate on any of the Divine Principles in the Silence, you can expand them in the world of form through the Body of Light. For instance, you call for Peace. You feel peace permeate into your very being. You send it forth in waves of Light through the Body of Light and the powers of Peace, which serve the Earth. Then peace will manifest in your world and beyond.

People, who are open, will receive the peace to accept their so-called ‘fate’, to do their duties and obligations to life with more patience. Patience is such a beautiful Divine Quality. It gives all life the space to develop and grow. It contains reverence for life, and the faith that all will unfold in divine order.