That what we call “The Light of God” is the substance, which sustains any Creation. It is always present; if not, the creation would cease to be. Just as the beating of your heart sustains the physical body, so you are able to experience embodied life. The conscious being who gives from his life energies in this way is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed of His/Her Creation, His/Her System, Universe and so on. It is the ultimate service of a conscious being in behalf of the spiritual growth of lesser consciousness in His/Her “Field of Endeavor”.

When the channel between the Holy Christ Self and the lower vehicles is open and no longer blocked by the ego and the consciousness is firmly established in the Threefold Flame in the heart - a permanent inflow of the virtues from the Causal Body can be established in the world of form. The result is a natural response of your four lower vehicles to respond to this higher vibration, establishing - as Archaii Hope (The Archaii of the Fourth Ray) said: “An Octave of Light on the physical plane”.

When the individual is strong enough to maintain this High Vibration in his/her vehicles, it will result in a permanent ‘Bliss-Consciousness’. Then you can really look through the “Eyes of God” and Love like God Loves. Very impersonal, experiencing Yourself, the Great I AM THAT I AM into every particle of life, loving life free.

When your specific kind of service is getting more obvious in your life, your radiation more powerful and your aura stronger, life becomes easier. Your keynote begins to resound through the Body of Light, which harmonizes with other keynotes. Together you form specified groups for a certain kind of service available at any time when the need arises. These groups can manifest on the physical level too, if necessary. However, their service is always tangible and prolific at all times.

In the Higher Octaves is so much Joy. In your octave, you have to cultivate it. Joy has four levels: joy, happiness, enthusiasm and ecstasy. You have felt all these levels. Try to develop a momentum in the world of form. Experience: the Joy of Forgiveness, and the Joy of Service.

When your personal will is more and more absorbed in the Divine Will of your Presence, you realize, that your confidence and faith are growing and your ‘feet stand on rock’. All the good in the Universe WILL BECOME YOURS on the day of your complete unity with your Presence. Patience, the Law will prove Itself as always.

The Unity in the Inner Octaves of Light is so difficult to comprehend for the outer self, as the outer self is afraid of loosing its personal identity, but nothing is less true. Although the unity of all life is a fact, the expansion of consciousness is limited. Compare it with the lighting of a match. The size of the flame is limited by the quantity of the wood. If you light a hundred matches and put them together, you get a large flame. There is no separation in the flame although it exists by the sum of many different matches. If you add a woodblock, the flame expands even more. When you separate all the matches and the woodblock, they seem all different flames. The Law is: The Flame is as big as the form (the creation) can contain.

When you live in the Silence, your consciousness becomes accustomed to the inbreath and outbreath of Eternal Life. Free Will rules supreme, because it is the Will of God. There is no lower or higher only I AM THAT I AM. With every outbreath you send parts of yourself in a cycle of creation. With every inbreath, you call them home, temporary or lasting. You are God in Action in your own cycle of creation, obeying the inbreath and outbreath of a Superior Being; and this continues forever.